5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

Customer service software is crucial for any company! Do you want to know why?

Customer service software is crucial for any company, no matter how big or little. There are many customer service software solutions available; that's why we've compiled this list of the top five customer service software to help your team become more powerful when interacting with customers, collecting leads and helping make your customers purchases online.

The following resources have helped thousands of businesses across the world grow their brand awareness by engaging with existing clients as well as attracting new ones. We recommend each one these resources because they provide an excellent user experience along with functionalities that can truly help your company excel in today’s competitive market. These solutions offer everything from virtual call center capabilities all the way down to audience engagement tools that allow companies to track how prospects interact on social media, reply to customers online and sell directly via live chat.

What is Customer Service Software?

Customer service software is used by companies to manage their customer interactions. These engagements range from phone calls, emails, chat messages and social media posts. Software allows businesses to track these conversations in real-time while offering them the ability to categorize communications for reporting purposes. This is important because it helps prioritize responses based on severity of issues or urgency per client requests. Companies who invest in automation end up saving time and money which translate into increased productivity rates & revenue growths.

The best platforms have a suite of features that allow companies to do more than just handle support concerns but also other tasks such as sales transactions or product development inquiries within one platform without having to switch between different tools every day/week/month depending on what you may need. That's when LabiOffice Suite comes handy, as Suite of Apps for Development, Marketing, Sales & Customers support.

Why should you use Customer Service Software?

​​There are many benefits to using customer service software. The most obvious benefit is the automated features that can be used without human intervention, ultimately saving time and money for companies who use it. Another great benefit is that you will have access to real-time data about your business which means that you can monitor things like sales conversions, product reviews/ratings, call center activities, etc., at any given moment in time. This information allows businesses to make informed decisions on how they should move forward with their company strategy based on what's actually happening within their organization instead of making assumptions or guessing as was done traditionally before these platforms became available.

Customer service software platforms are available in all shapes and sizes. The most common types of customer service software include live chat, social media shared inbox, helpdesk software, customer portal, knowledge base and phone call systems, etc., but there are many other different options to choose from when it comes to these types of tools. It's important when selecting a platform that you make sure the features & functionalities included with the package is what your business needs for optimal success both now and into the future. For example, if your company isn't using any form of social media communication yet then choosing a platform just for this feature will be an unnecessary expense at the current time.

Let's highlight all the Customer Service Software Advantages

✅Proactive Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, the ability to have a quick response from your agent can be a life saver. Especially in a business where time is money, it never hurts to have a quick fix. For example, if a customer is waiting in an online store, and has a question about a product, the customer service agents can use a chatbot to solve the issue. Then, the customer can continue shopping and have a more enjoyable experience.

The way people communicate is constantly evolving. Customers expect to be able to contact companies in more ways than ever before, and they demand personalized responses that are tailored for their individual needs. When service agents have the information and tools they need to provide fast, personalized responses to customers with minimal effort or issue resolution times drop significantly. Platforms like LabiDesk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot Service Hub and Zoho Desk allow businesses of all sizes improve agent productivity by providing employees with access to relevant customer data via unified help desk dashboard - so you never miss an opportunity make a sale or retain existing clients because your support team was caught off guard by sudden changes in customer behavior or requests.

This means that customers can get a quick answer or resolution from their agent when it is needed most. It also makes the team feel more successful because everyone gets credit for what they do together as a unit rather than being rewarded only by individual successes at their particular location. These platforms are an excellent way to track contact history, case notes and other important details about all interactions with each customer so there is no chance of missing anything crucial in future transactions or opportunities.

✅ 24/7 Self Service Customer Support

Customers expect fast and effective communication when they need help or information about their orders. They may be on the hunt for something specific, so even just one click can mean losing them as a lead if your site takes too long to load! A recent study by ForeSee found that 75 percent of online customers will abandon their cart if page loading times are more than three seconds slower than competitors. If you're not offering quick customer support in addition to quality products and competitive prices, many shoppers won't stick around long enough to see your return policy — let alone place an order with you again after experiencing slow response time during checkout.

The statistics show that you should focus more of your strategy on online resources. It will cost you less money and time to go online and fix problems than it would to invest time in the phone. Out of 100 customers, 63 will search for answers on your website before any other form of customer service. Investing in developing strong online resources will pay off in the future not only with happy customers but also with increased search engine rankings! Customers will be happy to find answers they need and your customer support team will be less disrupted by the big number of repetitive, similar inquiries.

✅ Customer Service for eCommerce

When it comes to customer service, e-commerce companies have a lot at stake. One of the best ways for e-commerce companies to provide fast and effective customer service is through a customer service software platform, which can also help with marketing efforts as well. It takes less than one minute for customers who have questions about their orders to reach out via live chat powered by customer service software instead of waiting on hold over the phone. Customers who know they can quickly get in touch with someone at your company are more likely to make future purchases from you again – especially if you deliver excellent customer support throughout every interaction, whether it's online or offline. The last thing you want is a negative review by a disappointed client that spreads like wildfire across media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Type of Customer Service Software

? Live Chat Software

Live chat software is a necessity in today's marketplace. It gives users a quick and easy way to communicate with customer service, helping them through every step of the process. Chatting with representatives on your website or in your mobile app can help build a sense of trust with your customers, helping to cement your brand in their memory. Having a live chat software can also lead to increased sales and growth. You can use live chat software on a variety of platforms, including your website, Facebook, Twitter, and your mobile app. A live chat software can be a great way to improve your brand's reputation while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

? Ticketing Management Software (Emails)

In order to manage customer inquiries via email you need a ticketing management system. For business owners and customer support agents, emails are a vital tool to support customers. Emails offer a more personal experience between a business and a customer. Email has been around for a long time and will be until the day it is no longer needed. Email is a good business practice, and it's a useful way to get in touch with clients. In order to be the best at it, you have to have a good email management platform. This will help you to get all of your emails in one place so you don't lose track of them. And with the right customer service software and ticketing management tools you can manage, view, and track your customer emails.

Use email ticketing management software. You can set it up to auto-reply to emails. Or you can set up different categories of emails to be forwarded to different people in your company. This also allows you to keep track of requests, even when you're on vacation. Another great feature of this software is that you can create canned replies. This allows you to quickly reply to certain emails, saving you time.

? Knowledge Base

Customer service is a vital component when it comes to businesses and how they interact with their customers. If your company provides a forum or knowledge base for your customers, they can then solve their own issue and get a response from a support team member. With a community of users, you'll have a vast collection of feedback and issues that you can address and fix. For example, if a new feature is introduced about a certain topic, a customer can offer feedback on the new feature and how it could be better. In fact, 81% of customers prefer to solve issues on their own, even if there is a support team available. In this case, offering a public forum can help customers self-serve, which can improve customer support and company reputation.

☎️ Phone Support

The most common types of customer service interactions are in-person, chat, and phone. But phone conversations are still the most effective way to solve the most complex of issues. With the ability to hear emotion in someone's voice, phone conversations are often more effective than e-mails or online chat. Since phone calls are more personal, they tend to get more serious issues resolved, addressing specific concerns instead of broader issues like with chat.

5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms


5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

LabiDesk is all-in-one help desk software with Live Chat, Ticketing System and Knowledge base. LabiDesk is one of the best Customer Service Software Platforms that both have a great number of features to make customer support easy and with pricing that will fit any type of business.


5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

Zendesk is one of the best known customer service software platforms.


5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

Freshdesk, now Freshworks is also one of the well known customer service software platforms.

Hubspot Service Hub

5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

For Hubspot customer service software is not their main product, however, it is a good solution for customer support.

Zoho Desk

5 Best Customer Service Software Platforms & Apps in 2022

Zoho has a big line of all different types of tools and software and Zoho desk is a good customer service software for small companies.

Today, we covered what customer service software is, also known as Help Desk Software (Helpdesk) software. We also discussed the various purposes that customer service software can be used for. You learned that customer service software can help keep your business organized, help you keep track of your sales, help you keep track of your customers, and much more, assist and sell on the go with the help of Live Chat software.

Customer service software can streamline your operations. The right software can help you serve your clients better and improve customer satisfaction, thereby boosting your business. With a comprehensive customer service software package, your business can be more effective and efficient. And that's good news for your bottom line. Contact our team of customer service software experts to learn more about how this vital business tool can work for you.

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