7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

In this blog, we will dive into why customer support software is essential to every business and the top 7 Freshdesk alternatives you should consider trying.

In today's digital age, brands have to be responsive and integrated across all customer touch points. Customer support software is a key component to provide a seamless 360-degree experience. In this blog, we will dive into why customer support software is essential to every business and the top 7 Freshdesk alternatives you should consider trying.

Customer support is an essential feature for any business that wants to thrive in the modern business environment. The key to success in this field is to make sure that you are able to provide excellent customer support no matter what type of customer you are dealing with. For this, you need to make sure that you have the right customer support tools. If you aren't, no matter how good your customer service agents are, you won't be able to delight your customers.

How can you delight customers without proper tools? Well, you can`t! Actually, it's not just about the tools. It's about the experience the tools will give the customer and that's what we`ll focus on today. To delight your customers, you need to know what exactly that means and if you can do it. The proper help desk tools will help you to take customer experience to a whole new level.

What is Customer Delight?

Customer delight is a phrase that is thrown around a lot, but very few companies really focus on it. Customer delight is the foundation of all successful businesses. It's something that is easy to say, but not always easy to deliver.
Making customers happy is something that you have to do in order to have success. It's not easy because it's hard to get the customers to come to your business. Once you have them in the door it's even harder to make them happy. They may leave your business with a smile on their face but they will be back. If you make them happy they will come back to make you happy. So many businesses struggle with this, but it's really not that hard if you have tools like LabiDesk which is a perfect Freshdesk Alternative.

Customer Support Software

Customer support software is always an important part of any business, whether it's an online business or an offline business. It's not enough that you have an efficient customer support team, you also need efficient support software that will allow your customer support team to be efficient. If you want to help customers and increase customer satisfaction, then you need an automated customer support system.

Why Should You Look for a Freshdesk Alternative?

Freshdesk may be a great help for businesses, but we found out that customers don't only love it – they also actively look for alternatives. This could mean that the software's long-term viability is questionable. In this top 7 Freshdesk Alternatives list, we'll analyze why that may be the case by taking a look at some pros and cons of the service from Freshdesk and it's Alternatives.

❌Freshdesk Overall Complex Design

We all like to jump in and start using products right away, but you may need someone's help when using Freshdesk. If you're a customer service professional who has come across another tool before, or if this is your first interaction with such an application, you will need some time to learn how this special tool works. Some call it complicated, but we tend to label applications like Freshdesk "complicated" simply because they aren't intuitive - whereas we think of other things as more confusing by comparison. Either way it can be difficult to find your way around an office or apartment the first time you visit, and the same goes for most new software: take some time familiarizing yourself with your environment before attempting to make any major changes!

❌Pricing Structure is designed to Upsell You

Although Freshdesk offers a free plan and a basic plan that starts at $15/agent/month, it's important to understand that the basic plans offer limited feature functionality, which makes it unrealistic for businesses attempting to manage support tickets on a budget. For instance, if you opt for Freshdesk’s most basic plan, you'll have access to just one single queue with no ability to create custom queues - even though support tickets are often assigned to specific categories in most businesses. Not being able to optimize yourself around multiple categories is simply not an option for any business concerned with controlling their customers' overall experience . With Freshdesk’s most premium plans costing upwards of $99 per agent per month, based on the numbers of agents - one can easily see how this is not an appealing offer for small or even medium-sized companies looking to control costs while delivering excellent service. No wonder people are looking for more affordable Freshdesk alternative.

What Features Freshdesk Alternatives Should have?

When it comes to Freshdesk alternatives, choosing the right tool is all about knowing what you truly need from a help desk solution. Although businesses have different requirements, there are certain helpdesk features that provide enough value to consumers and in turn make their lives easier in managing inbound and outbound customer support requests in a timely and efficient manner.

✅Team Inbox

Managing a team is difficult and at times, we miss important updates and communications because we don't have access to them. A lot of times we rely on our inboxes to relay important information and that is where team inbox comes in. A team inbox helps you and your team to communicate and helps you to concentrate and focus on your work.

✅Omni-channel Support Tools

With the constant evolution of e-commerce, businesses are having more omnichannel customer support issues like more complex customer needs. The contact centers of these businesses are required to be able to support the needs of the customers in the most efficient way.This is to ensure that the customer gets the help he or she needs from the channel of their choice. So, if a customer wants to reach out through a phone call to a rep, they can do so. If the customer wants to send a message via a web chat, they can do that as well. If they want to chat through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, they can do so.

✅Ticket Management

Hold your horses! I hear you shout! What on earth is Ticket Management? Let me explain. A ticket is a submitted request that comes in. It often contains some information about what the customer wants, who they are, what they want, when they want it by, etc. Your business needs to have the right features to manage tickets. You need to know where your tickets are, who is working on them, what stage they're at, what needs to be finished, and who owns them.

✅Live Chat

Online businesses are increasingly trying to provide the best possible customer service experiences. This is especially true for e-commerce sites since customer service can mean the difference between a sale or a lost customer. A great way to provide great customer service is through the use of live chat. By adding this feature to your website, you can not only answer your customers' questions but also provide information on your products, help customers with the shopping process, and provide them with a great experience.

Feshdesk Alternatives List


7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

LabiDesk Freshdesk alternative is a customer portal that offers several services such as live chat, email, ticketing management system, knowledge base, help center website builder, help widget and roadmaps. It helps to simplify the support process and use the most efficient way of communicating with customers. LabiDesk help desk is a one-stop solution for all your multiple channels of communication.

Having a well-equipped help desk is an important aspect of your business. These days, with numerous communication channels like email, phone, SMS, social media, chat, video calls, etc, it becomes very difficult for your customers to reach you. LabiDesk is a fully customizable helpdesk software which helps you manage your customer service through multiple channels.

Pricing: There FREE and paid versions, as well Lifetime Deal available. You can find pricing to match your team size. Paid plans starting from $19 per organization.


7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Help Scout is a clutter-free customer service software that, because of its one-size-fits-all nature, helps you have more meaningful conversations with customers. It's another solution that matches your expectations when it comes to managing customer service, which is why if you're looking for a way to greatly enhance your productivity and save yourself countless business hours then you should definitely take a look at this tool - especially since it comes at a cost that won't bear heavily on your company's pocket! A good choice for Freshdesk alternative.

Pricing: Plan starting from $25 per user per month, which can certainly be quite EXPENSIVE if your customer support team is more than just a few people.


7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Zendesk is the world’s leading cloud based customer service software that helps companies answer questions faster. And it another great Freshdesk alternative. They are fast, effective and reliable. If you need help on any project related to customer support, give them a try! It’s sure to make your team more productive - win win!

But, note that their pricing is pretty high and platform structure is somewhat complicated.

Pricing: Professional plan which includes all necessary tools for customer support is $99 per agent per month.

Live Agent

7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

LiveAgent is a simple-to-use customer service software that helps you respond to customers across various channels at scale. LiveAgent is a Freshdesk alternative that's an invaluable addition to your community management toolkit. You can use the tool to chat with customers 24/7 using a multitude of live channels such as email, chat and messaging (both via desktop and mobile), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Pricing: $39 per person per month for an all- inclusive plan.

Zoho Desk

7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

​​Zoho Desk is a powerful free alternative to Freshdesk that caters to helping you manage your support tickets by giving you a centralized hub for monitoring and managing the various forms of communication with customers. This allows for teams to keep an eye on inquiries, browse them in a chronological order, and even automate monitoring depending on certain criteria. Zoho Desk lets you embed customized ticket submission forms that can be easily added onto most websites, which then automatically creates new tickets after submitted. In this way, it brings quality service closer to your organization by keeping channels of communication streamlined even if the agents handling the questions are not physically present!

Pricing: Pricing starts from $12 per agent per month.

ProProfs Desk

7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Every customer is different. As entrepreneurs, interacting with your customers can be challenging even if you know exactly what they want. ProProfs has the tools that enable you to deal with this challenge in a few simple steps. With ProProfs, responding to requests for support takes very little of your time while maximising the customer’s satisfaction with faster response time! You no longer need to login again and again across multiple platforms. All communication history is consolidated in one space making it easy to keep track of all your support conversations no matter which messenger was used by the customer.

Pricing: Premium plan is $15 per agent per month.


7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives to Consider in 2021

As a Freshdesk alternative, HubSpot offers a comprehensive dashboard that lets businesses, different teams - be it companies involved in sales, marketing or customer service - communicate better with enhanced collaboration capabilities . This gives them the ability to provide an unprecedented level of transparency for everyone involved .

Pricing: Professional plan with essential support tools is $360 per month for 5 users.

​​As a business owner, you will know how important it is to create a customer-oriented environment. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your customers get the best service you can give them. This means that if they have a problem, it will be solved quickly and effortlessly. The best way to do this is through a help desk software. Here in this blog article we talked about some of the best SAAS help desk software that is currently on the market and how they can assist you in running your business better.

In a world that is getting increasingly technical it is no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting the SAAS model. SAAS, short for Software as a Service, is a model whereby a company provides customers with software which customers can use from the Internet. With the SAAS model you do not have to worry about installing or maintaining a system as it can be setup and maintained by a network team.

So there you have it, the top features that should be present in every Freshdesk alternative in SAAS help desk solutions. Do you think that Freshdesk offers all of these features? If not, then you should give LabiDesk a shot, they will impress you! If you are looking for a Freshdesk alternative, you can use this list to find one that has all the features you need. We hope you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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