Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives? Check out these Top 7 choices!

This blog will help you to understand the different features and functionalities of cloud service desk so that you can choose the right tool for the business and customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud is on the market but it's not the only choice available regarding CRM Customer Engagement Center solutions, so it's important to be able to show what sets you apart from your competitors. Consumers often look at different features of competitive products in order to compare them with each other, yet each product will have its own unique functions that help it appeal to a consumer and business. However, there are many Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

Salesforce has dominated the CRM Customer Engagement Center solutions for years. Since, they are the best in the business, they've attracted quite a few competitors. Many of these are startups or leveraging technology in order to provide better service. One example of this is LabiDesk, who are leveraging the cloud much in the same way Salesforce has. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can be confusing when deciding which helpdesk CRM solution to use. It's important to note the features that are the most important to the team. Are you trying to manage high-volume transactions or are you looking to provide a better user experience? Are you looking to track things in real-time? Being able to answer these questions will help you decide which CRM solution you should use. That's why we prepared for you this list of Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Service Cloud Desk is a Customer Support Management and Support Desk Software Solution designed and developed by Salesforce and specially designed for small to medium sized businesses with fewer than 200 Agents. Service Cloud Desk is a standalone application and does not require any other Salesforce edition or subscriptions. Service Cloud Desk is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution and it is available in 3 different pricing tiers.

Service Cloud Desk is a next generation support solution that unifies all customer support channels into one comprehensive solution. Service Cloud Desk comes with an extensive list of pre-built integrations, enabling you to connect with customer support, marketing, and other business systems. What other Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives can offer the same features?

As Service Cloud Desk is a unified solution, you can now grow your customer support teams by offloading simple queries to agents in Salesforce, allowing them to provide customers with service at any time throughout the day.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

✅ Agent Workspace

Features such as the built-in productivity tools and a 360-degree view of every customer help agents streamline and manage cases in one screen. They can easily manage multiple customers and cases, and respond to inbound service requests in real-time. This helps customers experience a better and faster service. Agents can also access the customer's phone, email and case history in a single view, making it easy to provide an exceptional service experience. Important feature to look for in Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

✅ Case Management

Your team can quickly resolve customer issues more confidently by getting full visibility, context, and history of every case and customer interaction. Salesforce makes it easy to create a one-click, full case history snapshot. Instantly access any or all details from a simple but powerful interface. Automate case resolution through business rules and workflows. Integrate with other systems and your favorite apps via a powerful Web API. Another feature to look for in Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

✅ Knowledge Management

Article search is a key part of effective Knowledge Base management. After all, the best business outcomes are achieved when you're able to help customers with the most up-to-date content or quick answers to their most pressing questions. The solution to your most challenging business needs is to build your Knowledge Base with recommended articles. These articles are authored with the context of your business in mind, customized to support your agent's individual skill sets, and delivered to engage customers with relevant content. You can create an extensive library of related articles to help develop your agent expertise and help customers quickly resolve their issues. Plus, you can optimize search results to help direct customers to the most relevant article available. And yet another feature worth checking for in Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

✅ Service Process Automation

Automated workflows make it possible to create highly-customized processes that can be fully customized to your business and tailored to your needs. These workflows can be set up to run in minutes and then run continuously, without any manual effort, to increase efficiency and save time and money.

Automated workflows free up your time to focus on important high-value tasks and provide a clear path to a more productive business. With a few clicks any process can be transformed into a workflow and an unlimited number of individual tasks can be added, with the ability to add multiple steps, emails, attachments, and departmental approvals. Do other Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives have that?

✅ Omni Channel Routing

If you're looking for an easy way to streamline your customer support, the best way is to have a system where you can easily escalate cases from any source to the right customer support agent. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort when helping your customers.

In order to gain visibility into your enterprise, you need to have a one-stop, automated solution that will help monitor, track, and analyze all your customer support channels. With smart automation capabilities and a deep understanding of your business, you can gain valuable insights, reduce churn, provide a more personalized experience, and drive growth. Nowadays, omni channels are highly important so look for this in Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

✅ Service Analytics

If you want to boost your team's efficiency, consider using prebuilt dashboards to monitor agent performance, key KPIs, and channel usage, from anywhere. To get started, you simply need to log into the dashboard. There, you'll find relevant information at your fingertips. You can view key metrics, including call volume, conversion rates, and wait times. If you're not satisfied with your performance, you can create chat campaigns to help increase sales. These are just a few of the features you'll find in this dashboard. Looks for analytics features in Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

✅ Call Center Management

Centralized cloud services help to reduce overhead costs. This means that, instead of having to install costly voice-based infrastructures, companies can use the cloud to develop their services. Cloud telephony can be used to route calls, coordinate data with internal departments, engage customers, and resolve issues. These features can help to improve the customer experience, reduce development costs, and integrate teams more effectively. Not all Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives have it for sure.

✅ Asset and Order Management

Online Order Management System allows you to track and manage all of your customer's orders via a simple online interface. This app also comes with a number of advanced features to help streamline your business processes and improve the organization of your workforce. Also a unique feature and not all Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives have it.

✅ Visual Remote Assistant

We live in a digital age, and the world is increasingly becoming more connected. This is no different when it comes to our customers. Organizations of all sizes can now leverage video conferencing to interact with customers and partners from anywhere, on any device.

Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives


Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

LabiDesk is a Helpcenter Software that helps you handle requests from your customers in a convenient manner. It features a Knowledge Base section where you can add articles to better help customers. It has a Shared Inbox system that allows multiple users to access the same customer request. The HelpWidget helps customers find answers to common issues with a click on your website's sidebar. And the Live Chat feature allows customers to chat with you from your website. All of this is available at affordable pricing and outstanding customer support. You can even request for custom features. One of the best Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives worth checking out.


Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

Customer service is the heart of every business. Make it easier for customers to communicate with your company, with customizable tools within Zendesk. From creating a digital Customer Service Portal to building a knowledge base, Zendesk puts the power to create a strong customer service strategy in your hands. By offering live chat tools, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention through faster resolution of inquiries, faster response times and focus on customer support. It would be a great Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.


Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

Freshdesk is a comprehensive helpdesk that is built to provide exceptional customer service. All Freshdesk products are built on a single unified platform that makes it easy to build contextual knowledge across the customer journey. Using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can transform your customer support and provide a high-quality experience without having to hire a big-name customer service department. Another great app and will serve well as Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives.

Zoho Desk

Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software that allows you to perform a variety of tasks relating to customer support activities. You can manage your help desk tickets, assign them to the right customer service agent, track the progress of each ticket, set up email alerts and more, right from your web browser. A Zoho Desk account will give your company the ability to stay on top of customer service operations, improve help desk ticket resolution and response time, and streamline the entire customer service workflow process. Another interesting product on this Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives list.


Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

SupportBee is an email support tool that helps (small) businesses manage their customer support by organizing their emails in easy-to-manage folders. It also helps businesses save time by providing templates for common types of messages that can be quickly accessed by experienced users. It's also possible for new users to create templates of their own. A particularly interesting feature of SupportBee is its unique tagging-system that allows you to filter messages according to your own criteria. Great app and we added it to this Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives list.

Hubspot Service Hub

Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

Service Hub helps you to centralize all customer questions in one place, assign them to your team, and tag them to your products, so your team can always find all information quickly. First, you can log all of your customer's issues with the Service Hub. This way, you have all of this information in one place so you can keep track of it. Next, you can assign these issues to the relevant team members so they can solve it. If you have a lot of customers, you can also have a chat box on your website where the customers can ask you questions directly. This way, you have a direct line of communication with your customers to solve any issues they have! One of the main Salesforce competitors, we couldn’t pass and added it to this Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives list.

Jira Service Desk

Top 7 Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors

The Jira Service Desk is a powerful help desk software that allows your company and customers to collaborate and work together in a convenient and organized way. This application allows for your company and customers to keep track of issues and changes and easily ask questions and get answers from other members across the world! Jira's intuitive interface makes it simple to navigate and get help or look for information quickly. Jira Service Desk is a reliable and efficient way to handle your customer service and get your business to the next level! Jira has been there for a long time too and it is definitely worth being on this Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives list.

Today we discussed salesforce cloud service desk features and salesforce 7 alternatives and competitors for customer support in your business. We hope this blog post on Salesforce Service Cloud Alternatives has helped you find some new strategies that will help you provide the best customer service you can. If you have any other questions or concerns about customer service, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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