What is a help desk? And how to choose the best helpdesk!

What is a helpdesk? What defines a good help desk? What is the best help desk software? We answered your help desk questions ?

It is inexcusable for businesses to ignore their customers and/or employees. In this often-time-challenged world, people expect seamless support experiences that make them feel valued. Having a help desk is an often overlooked cornerstone of a great customer service experience, internal or external.

What is a helpdesk?

Help desk software is a software application that helps a business to manage their customer relationship. A help desk's role is to solve any issue that a customer comes across. It is also called as the service desk, helpdesk, IT service desk or a call center. It helps to create a bridge between the customer and the brand and increases the brand loyalty and productivity. The software helps support and enhance the customer service and increase customer satisfaction. The ability to troubleshoot and analyze the information makes it easy for the business to decrease the operational cost and increase the profits.

Help desk software allows a team to be organized, efficient and accessible.

Help desk benefits

The complexity of modern organizations means that continual cost savings and efficiencies not only rely on effective and efficient help desk software to support help desk staff and their IT Service management processes, but additionally on the automation and support of both incident management and request management. Let's talk about what this means for you: it's important that the help desk software you select supports automation to allow help desk agents to focus more on higher-value activities such as coaching and managing high-priority problems, along with enabling operators with self-service capabilities such as self service portals, knowledge bases, remote control, self service password reset, email integration; all whilst serving more customers. It's definitely possible to do both but it'll require a good understanding of how your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be affected.

Help desk software helps you take care of customer support in an efficient manner. The software that lets you deal with inbound calls, inbound emails & inbound chats that are related to your business activities efficiently by automatically linking these together and assigning the correct person or team the responsibility of handling each ticket from start to finish. This also helps with reduction of duplicate work done by different agents on a single issue/incident/problem because more than one agent cannot get hold of a ticket due to concurrent monitoring and action taken by the software. It is easy too to see how many people have been handling a ticket and who handled it last. All of this information is written on the screen of the agent using the helpdesk software within a single click which makes it very convenient for helpdesk agents!

Help desk for your employees and your team.It's been proven that creating an employee-friendly environment has benefits for your product's overall success because happy workers tend to be more productive than discouraged ones.

Help Desks for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of keeping your customers happy. That’s why you like to make sure that they are well-served by any means possible. As long as the means are within your capabilities, your always want to do what’s necessary to ensure that your customers make it through to the end successfully with a smile on their faces . This goes for taking special requests at times or even getting on the phone with them after hours if need be. It’s just how you roll, and it makes for a business that is usually very well-received by clients. An ideal helpdesk software solution will not only help support this work ethic but also grow with you as you scale up due to its flexibility and platform integration options!

Help Desks for Enterprise

I’m sure you’re familiar with the three legged race - that is, if one of your legs were to fall off then it would be game over for you! Well, the same goes for an enterprise-class customer service. A good helpdesk enables faster collaboration between your teams, especially during moments of high stress when developers or managers are more concerned about fixing bugs or implementing updates quickly than waiting around for someone on your customer service team to answer the phone. The faster your teams can get their hands on real-time data and information, like what is causing issues with certain purchases for instance, the happier they will be; because it means that they can get more done in less time! You know how it is - you save money by using fewer resources (money = resources), more people end up working faster and overall productivity of your company improves overall. It’s win-win every single time!

How to choose the best help desk software?

No two help desks are the same. With hundreds of help desk systems to choose from, it can be incredibly worrisome and frustrating to evaluate which one will be the best fit for you. Especially if you’ve never used one before. Before going anywhere, make a list of your must-have features, but remember not to be too stringent because while it’s good to have preferences, it’s more important to look at them as solutions that will solve specific problems or attain goals – just be clear about what those goals might be! Beyond that however, there are some basic questions you should consider when thinking about signing up for a new help desk. To start with: is your company growing? How many employees do you currently have on your team? Would you like to share information with other teams or departments? What tools would they like to use and how would they like to access those tools (web app vs desktop app vs mobile app)?

What ideal help desk software should offer?

?Help desk - Tickets Management System

Tickets management system is a complete project for tracking and managing your customer's issues and requests. You can improve your customer's experience and their satisfaction by using the tickets system. Also you can analyze any problem and make improvements in your business.

Tickets are one of the leading causes for customer dissatisfaction. They are also a leading cause of client attrition. One of the most common mistakes that companies tend to make is not allocating enough resources towards managing their tickets. Most companies tend to cut costs by off-loading their customer support to third party companies. While this is cost effective, it's also very inefficient. A lot of companies tend to ignore the fact that it's their responsibility to provide the best customer experience. As a result, they end up with frustrated customers who do not feel like their problems are being taken care of.

?Help desk - Shared inbox

Are you trying to communicate with customers through Facebook and Twitter and still answer customer support tickets? Are you getting frustrated with the amount of time it's taking you to go back and forth to different platforms and apps to take care of your customers? If your business is experiencing this problem, the best solution is to use a shared inbox. With a shared inbox, you can message all your customers from one convenient place that's easy to access. Additionally, you can also use it as a live chat platform, as well as a customer support ticketing system. This ensures that your customers are getting the best experience possible and you're reducing the amount of attention required to take care of your customers!

?Help desk - Powerful Knowledge Base Software

It's important to have a knowledge base if you're running a business. Most businesses don't want to let their clients and customers struggle with learning how to use their products and services. A knowledge base can help with that. It can help both your existing and potential clients and customers learn how to use your product. You can even add a live chat to the page so your clients and customers have access to a customer service agent. It's important to offer a knowledge base for your customers so they can get the most out of your business.

?Help desk - Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to interact with customers and communicate with them at any time. While they're browsing your website, they just need to click a button and a live chat box will pop up on their screen where they can immediately type out a message! It's a convenient way to help them if they have a question or concern they would like to know more about. One great way to improve your live chat is by having a live chat widget on your website. This allows you to tell visitors about your live chat and even show them message alerts! For an even better service, consider using a live chat widget that allows customers to contact you from their mobile device!

?Helpdesk - CRM

If you want to improve your customer relations, the best thing you can do is implement a CRM system. CRM stands for customer relationship management software. CRM systems allow you to view all of your customers in one place. This makes it easier to schedule appointments and remind them of services or products that they may need in the future. It also makes it easier to note any complaints or concerns they may have in a single location.

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