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Whether you're a one-man company or an enterprise business with hundreds of employees, there are a lot of challenges when it comes to managing customer service with software like Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives. Not only will you want to make sure they ask the right questions to be able to solve your customer's issues, but you'll also want to make sure you can get the most out of the data that you've collected. That's why a firm grasp of business statistics is vital for anyone working in customer service!

A help desk software like Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives can be a helpful tool for a business to use. For example, let's say you have a customer with questions about your product and how to use it. You could create a support ticket for the customer and assign it to your customer support representative. The customer support representative can then contact the customer through the ticket and answer their questions. This way, all of their questions are in one place and you don't have to worry about them asking the same questions across different platforms.

Help Desk is an application that helps users to organize their support tickets and keep track of customer satisfaction. The app also provides administrators to efficiently manage the company's customer service. All customer service activities are done in real-time. Administrators can see each agent's activity on a live customer service chat and can keep track of customers' tickets.

A high-quality help desk software like Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives can make your life much easier! By having all of your customer information, support issues, and orders in one place, you can be a more proactive company. When you have the ability to see when a customer has an issue, the help desk software can automatically send them an email asking how they are doing and offer to help. You can track how much time you spend on each issue, and you will know if your staff is spending too much time on one thing and not enough on others! When you have a complete picture of your customers, you can improve the quality of your services and the rates of your customer satisfaction.

What is Mojo Helpdesk?

Mojo Helpdesk Software is an all-in-one or complete help desk solution for managing your company's customer service. The software comes with a wide range of features so you can manage all facets of your company's customer service. Its feature set includes managing tickets, tracking customer satisfaction and revenue, creating knowledge bases, and much more. If you are in business, you incur costs when the customers you provide service to have issues, so you want to make sure you handle them as efficiently as possible. However, there are many Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Mojo helpdesk software is an all-in-one help desk solution for companies that need to manage their customer service. Mojo helpdesk helps manage support requests, internal issues and questions efficiently. Mojo helpdesk is web-based, so all users can access it from anywhere, meaning there's no need to install any software. Mojo helpdesk is great for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

When you're part of a large organization or business, you have to keep track of a lot of different things. Whether it's clients and customers, employees, or internal management things, it can be a real pain. That's why many organizations use hosted ticket tracking software like Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives. With this software, you have a centralized location to assign and track requests and issues. There are even tools that allow you to assign issues to teams, users and departments. The software also gives you statistics on your requests and issues and allows you to see how long the issue has been active.

Mojo Helpdesk Features

Self-Service Knowledge Base

You can cut down on the deluge of support requests which clog up your inbox by making your own self-service knowledge base. This will enable your customers to find frequently asked questions and troubleshoot issues on their own. If you're not a tech guru, you can find an affordable, easy-to-use FAQ tool that integrates with popular e-commerce platforms. This will provide customers with a convenient way to access information on site speeds, order tracking, and more. So make sure this is available as an option in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.


Often, workflows are automated with if-then statements, or simply coding functions. These can be very time consuming, especially if you are running multiple tasks. Triggers allow you to easily automate your workflow, without having to hire a programmer to do it for you. Using Mojo's triggers, you can easily build Triggers that react to specific events, pre-determine values, and set up different parameter settings. You'll be able to trigger anything you want, including inbound integrations, outbound integrations, and business rules that tell your system what to do in any situation. For example, you could create a trigger that sends a message when there isn't enough inventory for an order fulfillment, which, in turn, will automatically resupply. Another vital feature to look for in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

It is important that customers be happy, especially when using a product in your business. A good way to do this is to use a certain rating system, such as Mojo's 5 star system! This allows customers to give feedback on different aspects of your business. It's best to ask 4 or 5 questions and you can use the answers to work out how to improve your business! For example, you could ask how likely they are to recommend your service to others and what suggestions they might have. Then, you can use the answers to improve the business by focusing on what the customers are looking for! So look for this feature in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Asset Management

There are many assets you have if you are a business owner. This could be anything from computers, to laptops, to maintenance contracts, to license and more. If they are not in your head, they are likely tracking them in piles of papers. This is where Mojo comes in. Mojo is a solution that allows you to track your assets and take care of them when they need to be renewed. It helps you with contracts and maintenance making your life and work easier. Not all Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives offer this option.

Email Integration

If you haven't already, it's time you started using email to send messages to your customers under one shared inbox. Here are a few benefits of using shared inbox email/ ticketing system:

  • You can now see all of your tickets in one place;

  • You can see your ticket history;

  • You can see all your customers in one place;

  • You can email your customers directly.

Mojo Helpdesk works with email out-of-the-box. To get started, go to the settings tab and find the email section. Once you've added it, you can start sending emails! Most of Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives offer this feature.

Tickets Status

Most people want to get the most out of their ticketing system, and the same goes for you! Although it's possible to know everything that's going on in your system by using your user interface, it's tough to keep up with everything in your queue, as well as keep track of how many tickets each agent has open. By using Status Hero, you'll gain a better understanding of your system, allowing you to make informed decisions, save time and get more work done! We've seen this option in many Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives

You can review how many tickets are open by clicking on the "Tickets" tile in the sidebar. You can also filter the tickets that are open. The filter panel is located in the upper right-hand corner, under the "More" icon. By default, it will filter based on the agents who are assigned to the ticket. You can also filter by queue, form, type and tag. You can sort the tickets from the sidebar by clicking on the column headers. This will sort the tickets in ascending order by that column. From here you can narrow your search even further. So this is quite useful feature to look for in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Time Tracking

It's challenging to manage time spent on tickets. But with Mojo Helpdesk you can easily manage time spent on tickets. Just add a duration to your ticket and when you're done, Mojo Helpdesk will know exactly how long you worked on the ticket. You can even use timers to track how long you spend on specific tasks within the ticket. Mojo Helpdesk gives you great reporting tools to see where you spend the most time and see how much time you spend on average per ticket. With this information, you can better predict how long a ticket will take and if you need to hire more people to meet your goals. Another great tool to have in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Staff Notes

The best communication is when you can keep all teams in one place. With that in mind, the ticket system is one of the best ways to keep your internal communication centralized. Make sure to use it! One great way to encourage communication is to make internal notes on the ticket. This way, the next person who works on the ticket will know what you already did. Also, this can be useful when troubleshooting a ticket later on. This is one of the basic features in Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives.

Top 5 Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives






Mojo Helpdesk is a great helpdesk solution, but the pricing model is not very flexible. Also, there are a lot of other options that are offering similar features and functionalities and are available at a lower price point. If you are looking for a helpdesk solution - Mojo Helpdesk Alternatives, you should definitely consider some of the alternatives mentioned in this blog post. We are sure you will find something that will work well for your business. We would like to thank you for reading this blog post.

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