Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

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For a business, the customer support is the face of the company. It comes from the way it is handled. There may be many things you need to know about a customer support. You may need to know about email inbox software. It can be a good way to keep a track of the problems that a customer has.

It is very important for any company to have a good customer support system. You have to have a customer support system in place if you want to have a successful business. A good customer support system covers all the areas of customer support intimately. It is always better if you have a single dashboard to handle all the customer support related issues. If you have a good software for your email inbox, then you can have information about your customers and leads queries in your inbox. You can have different categories for different types of customer queries. That's how you can have a great customer support system.

What is SupportBee?

SupportBee helps you organize your email inbox from a customer support perspective. With SupportBee you can see all of your support emails from your different accounts in one place. You can view them from your phone, tablet or computer. You can even collaborate with your team on a support case. You can use SupportBee to organize all of your support emails from different email accounts. It's great for teams of all sizes – SupportBee can help you manage your support emails easily, effectively and efficiently.

Managing your customer support emails is not an easy task. There are too many tools out there that are complicated to use and almost always require you to pay for a subscription like in the case with SupportBee, Zendesk, Freshdesk and other SupportBee Alternatives. However with LabiDesk SupportBee Alternative you can pay once and enjoy LabiDesk Help Desk software forever, they offer a special and limited lifetime deal offer.

With SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives, you can manage your customer support emails without any hassle. You can easily organize emails, replies, attachments, and customer details all in one place. No need to forward emails between team members. They can collaborate and manage their cases collectively. You can even access your inbox from anywhere in the world. You can use their free plan to test out the tool.

SupportBee Features

✅ Shared Inbox

There are a lot of different applications that can help you manage your email, but we think we do it the best. Our shared inbox works just like email. We stay invisible to your customers, retaining the personal touch of email. No more dealing with multiple emails from different companies. SupportBee eliminates the need for you to be chained to your inbox.

A regular email inbox is not the best way for your team to collaborate with each other. There are many ways in which you can improve your team's workflow by using a shared inbox. The most important way is to assign tickets to team members. This is very helpful in managing your team in a more efficient way. Another way is to use bots and automation rules in order to assign tickets. There are many SupportBee Alternatives who offer this feature.

SupportBee is a shared inbox software -as-a-service platform that makes managing and responding to customers convenient and efficient. Designed for customer support and live chat agents, it lets you stay invisible to customers while supporting them via email, making it easier to give them the kind of personalized service they expect.

✅ Knowledge Base

When a user has a question on how to use your app, they may feel inclined to write to customer support. This can be a big hassle for everyone involved. Customers won't know whether or not their question has already been answered, and customer support must waste time sorting through their junk mail. This can be solved by a knowledge base, a website where customers can find answers to their questions on their own. The knowledge base should be as accessible as possible and that's what you should pay attention to when searching for SupportBee Alternatives. For example, a knowledge base with full features customer portal. When customers have a question that's been answered before, they can just search for it and have an answer immediately. It's a win-win situation!

With SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives friendly knowledge base software, your customers can self-serve and find their own answers. It's much better than providing customer support all day long. You can also use this knowledge base software to offer training material to help current and future employees learn more about your business. With SupportBee and SupportBee Alternative Knowledge Base software, your employees and customers will be able to find answers to their questions efficiently and quickly, saving the company time and money.

✅ Customer Portal

SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives customer support software allows you to create a web portal for your customers to access and send, manage and track the progress of their support requests. This can be a valuable tool to support your business and reduce the amount of time your customer service team needs to spend on the phone each day. The portal works great as a secondary method of asking questions and can be a great way to serve those that may not have access to a phone or live chat during the hours you're open.

SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives allow your customers to access their support requests from any platform or device. They can easily submit a ticket, view its progress and even update the ticket if need be. SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives take the utmost care in making the platform as simple to use as possible. With customer portal help, your customers will submit tickets faster and your support team won't have to worry about a single detail!

Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors


Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

LabiDesk is number on this list of SupportBee Alternatives. And here why: it offers a full spectrum of customer support features to enable 24/7, 360 degree customer support. LabiDesk SupportBee Alternative offers Live Chat, Ticketing Management system with Shared Inbox, Customer Portal website builder with Knowledge Base, Help Widget for self service customer support and announcement feed. It's a truly all-in-one help desk software for customer support.


Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Zendesk is a leader among help desk software and one of the best SupportBee Alternatives. Zendesk is a really well-known and respected name in the Support Software market. The company was founded in Denmark in 2007 and it's now headquartered in San Francisco, California. Zendesk has over 50,000 paying customers in 120 countries and the software has been translated into 25 different languages! It's easy to see why Zendesk is such a big hit with customers when you look at the features and benefits.


Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Freshdesk is also a very popular help desk platform. It would be a great choice when looking for SupportBee Alternatives. Freshdesk is an enterprise customer support software company. It was founded in 2010 by two graduates. The company offers a cloud-based software as a service product for providing customer support via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and Web. A number of large brands have been using Freshdesk for their customer support.

Hubspot Service Hub

Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Hubspot Service Hub is all-in-one marketing, support and sales hub, which offers tools for customer support as well. It is also one of the best SupportBee Alternatives.

Zoho Desk

Top 5 SupportBee Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

There are many email inbox software that can help you to effectively serve your customer but Zoho Desk has a special place among SupportBee Alternatives. Zoho Desk and Zoho Mail is not only very customizable but also offers features like scheduling, calendar, and agenda. You can even integrate it with your Google Apps account. Using Zoho Desk and Zoho Mail is easy. You are given an inbox view with all the details about your customer's problems. If you are an e-commerce business, there are some things that you need to know. For instance, the inbox software should have the ability to view customer order details directly in the ticket or email that customer sends. It should be secure and also have a good set of features like Live Chat and Knowledge Base. There are many other features that can be found in the inbox software.

If you read our review of the best shared inbox software, you'll know how we feel about SupportBee and SupportBee Alternatives. These are fantastic services for businesses of all sizes. They are very straightforward and easy to use, and they are packed with great features and functionalities. However, not all of them are an affordable solution . If you're looking for a great shared inbox provider, we recommend these SupportBee Alternatives.

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