HighLevel CRM Agency Support Software (Onboarding Software)

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The First All-In-One Platform For Agencies — Helping Grow Your Business, Keep Clients Happy, And Make You Look Good!

Automate the tedious, time-consuming tasks to make the entire agency run smoother and more profitable.Stay organized, stay on top of your job queue, and make more money by allowing HighLevel CRM to effortlessly manage every aspect of your business!

What is HighLevel CRM?

HighLevel is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed for marketing agencies. It is built with marketing agencies in mind and replaces the need for half a dozen separate tools. They've taken all of the features you need to manage and grow a client-base and combined them into one platform. Customer data, marketing efforts and analytics are all at your fingertips. HighLevel CRM is a complete solution that allows you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

HighLevel CRM does not require any previous experience or special training, it is user-friendly and all of your staff should be able to use it. But there is still a learning curve and without integrated to HighLevel CRM live chat and onboarding guides and knowledge base, it could be hard for your clients to find their way around HighLevel CRM software.

HighLevel CRM offers a variety of modules and is packed with tons of features, functions, and customizations. HighLevel CRM software platform can be used for anything from a small business with a few salespeople to a large organization with tons of potential clients and a complex sales process.

With LabiDesk Live Chat and Knowledge base that integrates directly to HighLevel CRM Agency Dashboard you don't have to spend hours trying to learn parts of it just to find out you've barely just scratched the surface.

HighLevel CRM Agency Support Software (Onboarding Software)

HighLevel CRM with LabiDesk Help Desk integration has a phenomenal guide that helps you learn all the ins and outs of their product in a few minutes. It helps you get to know the product quickly, and it also talks about all their features, making it easy to find new things. The HighLevel team also makes sure that they have an amazing amount of tutorials and videos to help you out, and they release an update every few months, making sure to resolve any bugs and adding new features.

LabiDesk Knowledge Base integration with HighLevel CRM helps you organize those guides and make them custom for each client agency dashboard.

HighLevel CRM Agency Support with LabiDesk

LabiDesk is all-in-one help desk software for SMB, eCommerce, SaaS and Startups. LabiDesk is great help desk software that comes packed with features. It offers a wide range of tools and features to help you run your support and ticket system efficiently. It also has a huge knowledge base feature which is useful for keeping all your customer/user answers and frequently asked questions in one place. This allows you to create easy to understand articles for your customers which will act as a more efficient way of communicating with them instead of your own words! It offers a wide range of features, among them:

  • Knowledge Base Software

  • Help Center Site Builder

  • Live Chat Software

  • Shared Inbox

  • Ticketing System

  • Announcements

“Our software is designed to increase your business productivity and make your customers happier. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers, not just one-time sales. We're passionate about helping companies grow and make customers happier. We love to share our experiences and insights with other companies. - LabiDesk”

Grow your business with LabiDesk HighLevel CRM Agency Support Software ? ?

HighLevel CRM Agency Support Software (Onboarding Software)

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