8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

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One of the main complaints people have about software is that it's too hard to get help. Many people choose to avoid putting in lengthy support requests and waiting days for responses, so they simply give up on using the app or system altogether! LiveAgent and LiveAgent Alternatives helps clients assist with their issues by making it easy for them to reach out wherever is most convenient: live chat, email, Twitter and Facebook posts, and more.

What is LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is a software for customer support and live chat which is designed for customer support agents and website owners. LiveAgent is one of the leading live chat software solutions, which consist of a number of tools and features for customer support agents.

LiveAgent is an excellent customer support software that comes with several different features to help you communicate with site visitors in real time. For example, it has a chat box that allows you to communicate with them using instant messages. It also allows you to create FAQs that automatically answer their questions. Features like these can definitely help you in resolving customer issues quickly.

LiveAgent's chart-topping customer service software is designed to help businesses engage with their customers in an interactive way. Utilizing the power of texting, voice, and chat, LiveAgent allows your business to reach your customers where they are, increasing conversions and providing you with better tracking of your ROI. With LiveAgent, you get the ease of use of a single platform tailored to your business needs, making it easier than ever to keep your social media, websites, and business running smoothly.

While a lot of other live chat application providers ask you to pay a fortune, LiveAgent keeps this a simple and affordable service that everyone can enjoy. With the LiveAgent website widget, you can place a chat box anywhere on your site, and connect it with your customers in a simple and effective manner. Plus, because LiveAgent is hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about maintenance or installing updates. There's no need to worry about how to sync data between multiple devices, as the LiveAgent software is designed to work with any device!

So why should you be searching for LiveAgent Alternatives if LiveAgent is so great? It all depends on your business focus. Some customer support software are very generic and would not fit all business types and sizes or even niches. Thanks to the latest trends in UI, product design and online business, lots of amazing customer support tools appeared. LabiDesk.com is the perfect example. This tool is just stunning when it comes to UI and UX design. It's also very helpful when it comes to managing tickets and answering customers. Thanks to the tool's ability to connect with other business applications, it's possible to resolve customers' issues in one place.

LiveAgent Features

Universal Inbox

With LiveAgent’s universal inbox, you'll never miss a message again. It combines the convenience of email with the power of live chat. You can use it to speak with your customers directly, without having to switch back and forth between communication platforms. Universal Inbox is a must have for LiveAgent Alternatives.


By using LiveAgent, many of the tasks that were previously difficult or time consuming will become simple. You can now stay up to date on your customer service service with LiveAgent. LiveAgent is an all-in-one tool to create the perfect resource center for your customers. LiveAgent sorts your messages and emails into groups based on individual customer tickets. This allows for better organization of messages, as well as the ability to receive automatic updates on the status of messages. The system also allows agents to send out messages to all or specific groups of tickets at once. However, there are many LiveAgent Alternatives who can do the same.

Automatic Ticket Distribution

Automated ticket distribution is used to assign new tickets to the support agents. This is a function that utilizes a predefined set of rules to assign tickets to appropriate support agents based on the ticket information such as severity and priority. This function, when set up correctly, can save time and improve response time. This is great for any help desk and LiveAgent Alternatives that assign tickets.


Tickets serve different functions in the customer service world. Tickets can be transferred to different departments if they need more information or customer service. Another common use for tickets is adding certain tags to the ticket itself. For example, if a ticket is marked as high priority, it will be handled with priority. Tickets can also be considered spam and marked accordingly. There is also a function on the customer service platform that allows you to resolve tickets. If you add a comment such as "resolved," the ticket will be marked as such and closed on the end of the customer service staff member who resolved it. Most LiveAgent Alternatives have this feature.

Time Tracking

​​On a day to day basis, it’s difficult to tell whether your customer support agents are prioritizing well. That’s because they are focusing on several problems at once. Time tracking tools allow you to see exactly how much time they are spending on each customer problem, ticker or chat. So if they are spending too much or too little time on something, you can make adjustments. These tools are simple to use yet highly effective and LiveAgent Alternatives should have it.

SLA Policies

Internal goals and metrics should be covered in a SLA. What defines the parameters of acceptable performance that needs to be covered? For example, a SLA can be a contract that defines the parameters of acceptable customer service standards. An SLA should be specific, measurable and achievable. It should address things like response time, support hours, and benchmarks for things like uptime and bandwidth. You should be able to set this up easily with LiveAgent Alternatives.

Business Hours

Setting up your help desk business hours is a vital part of ensuring that your company is running smoothly. You want to make sure that your company is providing a high level of service to your customers, which can be tough if your employees have conflicting schedules. If you have a day-night rotation for your business hours, you need to make sure your team is properly trained so they can answer any questions or concerns your customers might have. In compliance with SLA, your help desk should always be available to your customers during regular business hours. LiveAgent Alternatives should offer an easy set up for this.


A help desk is a place, usually cloud-based, where customer support contacts are stored. This way, important information about your customers is not lost, including their names, email, phone number, and other personal information. Help desk systems and LiveAgent Alternatives are quite popular among businesses, especially those that have many customers. They are used to centralize customer information, so customer service representatives can easily access the data they need.

Merging support tickets

Ticket merging provides you the ability to combine duplicate tickets into one, resulting in fewer tickets in your queue, fewer instances of end-users receiving two responses to the same query, and fewer replies for you to respond to. Ticket merging is a great time saver, but it's important to be mindful that merging tickets can result in the loss of important information that is contained in one or both of the original support request tickets. LiveAgent Alternatives helpdesk software and live chat are offering this feature.

Agent Collision

The more Agents work on one Ticket, the more confusion is caused. This can create issues for both the Agent and the Customer. If the Agent doesn't know what the other Agent did, they're more likely to give the wrong advice. The more Agents work on the Ticket, the more likely you are to lose the Customer. They will become frustrated with the service you're providing and will go elsewhere to get help. If you want to prevent this, make sure LiveAgent Alternatives implements a feature that will prevent more than one Agent from working on the same Ticket.

Agent Ranking

When it comes to customer service, it can be difficult to get everything right. However, it's vital that your customer support team is on top of their game. When you're running a business, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, only looking at the big picture every once in a while. But, it's important to make sure your customer support is not only delivering fast responses, but also meaningful responses. Sometimes Agents get flustered or make mistakes. You don't want to give your customers a bad experience! When it comes to delivering excellent customer support, it's important to collect feedback for your Agents. Having your customers rate the responses and answers you're giving them will help ensure that you're responding to customer inquiries in the best manner possible! Agent ranking is one of the most important features to look for in LiveAgent Alternatives.

8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives

The benefit of working with real people is that they are not only more approachable to your customers, but you can also see results immediately. Live chat software is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use, which allows you to start chatting with your customers immediately without any difficult contact forms. Live chat software is designed to keep you in control of your customers' issues, concerns, feedback and of course sales.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

LabiDesk is one of the top software in the help desk industry that is aimed at business and small business operations. LabiDesk helps with managing and responding to customer inquiries in the most efficient and effective manner. It has a ticketing system and knowledge base with live chat. It integrates with any email and eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. You can use it with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. LabiDesk is one of the best LiveAgent Alternatives.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Zendesk is a help desk tool that offers live chat support and quick and easy ticketing for customer support. Zendesk is the best solution for small and big companies alike and is simple and easy to integrate and use! With Zendesk, you can receive customer queries and feedback and even automate replies and send them back! Creating tickets and keeping track of them is also easy with Zendesk and it can help you stay on top of customer issues and questions. Zendesk is the fastest-growing help desk software and it's very popular among businesses and freelancers alike! Zendesk is definitely one of the top LiveAgent Alternatives.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Freshdesk is a customer service software that allows your customers an easy way to contact you for support on your website. With this software users can create tickets and sort them out. It also allows for different channels to be used such as email, phone, and Facebook and Twitter. Users can assign and reassign tickets and the update and check on any activity on tickets. Freshdesk also let agents know when tickets are due. Freshdesk is also one of the best LiveAgent Alternatives.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Front shared inbox software allows users to collaborate and streamline communication between departments and professionals. This efficient software allows multiple users to share and view contacts and emails. Front shared inbox software is an excellent tool for business communication and team management. Front is another great app to be in the top of LiveAgent Alternatives.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

When you need a simple and powerful tool to help you manage your clients and staff, you should consider the help scout ticketing system. It will allow you to manage all of your customer service and support tickets in one place. Every time a customer contacts your organization, you can create a new ticket and customize canned responses to apply to the ticket reply. This is a good way to keep track of all of your conversations with customers and to ensure that no one is confused. Helpscout is truly a great app and thus on this LiveAgent Alternatives list.

Salesforce Service Cloud

8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Salesforce Service Cloud is a cloud computing platform that helps you use technology to deliver great customer service. You can deliver standout service at every point in the customer journey, from inbound interactions, to account management, service, and support. These service capabilities are built on the Salesforce platform, with an enterprise-class security model to ensure trusted delivery of customer interactions to the right agent, at the right time. Salesforce is not a direct competitor but also one of the top LiveAgent Alternatives.

Hubspot Service Hub

8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

We all know that dealing with customer support can be stressful. Especially when the problem you're having keeps coming back to you! However, what if there was a hub for customer support? A place for your customers to go to make sure they are following the right path to getting their problems solved? Luckily, there is a customer support hub! Hubspot is a company that has been created to help make it easy for businesses to manage their customers. In addition, it's a place where customers can submit a ticket and Hubspot auto replies will make sure customers get the help they need. One of the great customer support products and well deserved seventh place on this LiveAgent Alternatives list.


8 Best LiveAgent Alternatives & Competitors

Intercom is one of the best live chat solutions, and it’s not surprising why! The chat system allows companies to engage with customers and answer their questions quickly and effectively. Intercom also provides a multitude of helpful features such as the ability to see who is online and how many customers you’re currently chatting with. We couldn’t pass but such a great live chat like Intercom to LiveAgent Alternatives list.

We hope you enjoyed this article on LiveAgent Live chat software and LiveAgent alternatives. LiveAgent is live chat software that allows you to provide live chat support to your customers on your website. It’s easy to set up and start using, and is available in multiple languages. LiveAgent is one of the oldest live chat software solutions available on the market, but it isn’t the only one and definitely not the best one. If you’re looking for live chat software, then there are a bunch of other alternatives you can use. You can find out more about these by visiting LabiDesk.

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