5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

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Technology is advancing fast and we find ourselves at the forefront of this progress. We now have the ability to scientifically and practically prove and test new and better ways to improve the way we interact with others and the world around us. One such way is the live chat software. When you have a live chat software installed on your website, you can give your customers an option to interact with a real human being. This not only gives the customer a better user experience, but it also gives you a chance to increase customer loyalty and boost sales!

If you're selling a service, you might consider selling it through a live chat. Installing live chat for this purpose is easier than it might seem, and you could even use automated messages to sell multiple products. By adding a live chat to your website, you can add a small chatbox on your website, so people can connect with an automated customer service agent.

5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

What is Olark?

Olark Live Chat is a software that enables its users to have real-time conversations with their customers through the web. It enables businesses to offer a higher level of customer service and it gives customers the opportunity to get in touch with their favorite service or product providers. This piece of software is more user-friendly and it takes a more modern approach to live chat services. It is a very useful tool for businesses of all sizes and it offers a free trial.

Olark Features

File Sharing

The live chat is able to send and receive JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and TXT files. This way, customers can send you their files and you can send them back a quote for your work. At the end of the day, live chat can be a great way to increase your sales and offer your services in a new, innovative way. Must have feature for Olark Alternatives.

✅ Chat Transfers

The ability to easily re-assign chats is critical to delivering consistent customer service. Whether it's an urgent matter, or just something that only requires a quick reply, it's important that your agents are able to quickly move on to other tasks that require their attention. By working with a live chat provider , you can rest assured that your agents will have all the tools they need to reassign chats to deliver the best service possible. Common feature for Olark Alternatives.

✅ Visitor Details

The сustomer support staff will be able to see customers name, title, location, company, and a link to the social networks. Customer support can see a list of all of the website visitors, their locations, and a preview of the content they're viewing before the live chat even starts. Customer support can easily keep track of your most valuable visitors from the dashboard. Vital feature for Olark Alternatives.

✅ Chat Notifications

If you don't want to miss a message from a customer, you can enable desktop notifications. It's as easy as checking a box next to "Allow desktop notifications" and clicking "Save." Whenever a message comes in, you'll be able to see it by clicking the red number in the upper-right corner of your screen. If you miss one, you can just click on the number to see the messages.

Notifications will show up as a pop-up right on your screen and you can reply to messages, so you'll never miss a thing! Important for Olark Alternatives to have this.

5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

✅ Visitor Page Tracking

Having the ability to track the flow of your site's visitors is crucial in creating a better experience. Analytics is a standard tool for many sites on the web. It's important to track your analytics so you can see what works and what doesn't. Tracking visitors on your site helps you determine what people like and dislike so you can improve your site and target your audience better. Having a site with a lot of traffic is a dream for many marketers, but it's the quality of the traffic that matters. If your site is appealing to a wide audience with a variety of needs and wants, then you're sure to rank highly on search engines and gain a lot of interest in your products and services! Olark Alternatives must have feature.

✅ Chat Volume

If you are a business owner, it's important to manage your employees' time effectively. One of the most important tasks is identifying your busiest times. With all the time tracking tools out there, it can be hard to tell exactly what the busiest times are. Another approach is to listen to your employees. What are they saying? Are they complaining about it being too quiet? Or are they complaining about the opposite problem, not being able to handle the influx of customers? If you can't identify your busiest times, it can be hard to strategically allocate your employees' work and also be prepared for the high traffic times. Quite useful feature to look for in Olark Alternatives.

One of the most important things you can do to avoid common mistakes is to identify your peak times. By monitoring the chat volume, you can see when your busiest times are, and you can create a strategy for staff scheduling to have a more consistent service.

✅ Chat Tagging

Using transcript sorting and analysis means you can sort your transcript based on different tags. This helps people who are doing transcription to sort their transcript faster and more precisely. It helps you find certain sections fast and easily. As a business or individual, this helps you keep track of what you said at a particular time. You can use tags to categorize specific topics, to categorize your clients, to categorize what type of product you are selling. There are various other ways to use tags to your advantage! Olark Alternatives should have chat tagging option.

✅ Visitor History

The chat console provides a fascinating way of interacting with your website visitors. What makes it so distinct from other marketing tools is that it allows you to engage face to face with them and handle their questions and concerns directly. Did you know that you can review prior interactions with visitors? It's easy with our chat console. First, log in to your account and choose your chat console. Next, click the name of the visitor in the top right corner and you'll be brought to a page that contains all of your prior interactions with them. This way, you can read through their concerns and the conversations you had and familiarize yourself with them! Olark Alternatives should have this.

✅ Groups

Chats can be routed into different agent groups for easy organization. Agent groups are great if you need to route chats based on specialty, department, or any other grouping. This allows you to control exactly which agent group chats will go if you want to separate customers by specialty. For example, you could specify that chats related to customers' Internet service accounts go to the Internet department while chats about their credit card accounts go to the credit card department. Also quite important for Olark Alternatives to have this.

✅ Agent Performance Reports

Customer service is key to running a successful company. To offer the best service possible, you need to be able to keep track of your agents performance. Here at Olark and Olark Alternatives, it can help you with that. They offer analytics that will show you the most common issues, the response times, and the customer satisfaction levels so you can improve your business. They give you tools to help you support your customers effectively, so you can always help them with their problems. Analytics are always valuable and should look for this feature in Olark Alternatives.

✅ Customer Satisfaction Survey

Sixty percent of customers have left a chat due to being unhappy with the service. It's important to know how to handle the last chat in order to get high ratings. First, you need to ask them how their experience was after the chat. If they say it was poor, ask them why so you can fix the problem. If they are satisfied, ask them to rate your service. It's important to have a high rating because it makes your business appear reliable. It shows customers that you will do your best to keep them satisfied. Rating customer success is vital and Olark Alternatives should have this.

Asking visitors to rate their service is something that most companies do. When the chat ends, you can remind them to rate their service. Since they paid such close attention to your agent, they will likely want to let you know how the chat went. If they had any issues or problems, you can take action on it and if they had a good experience, they will likely want to let others know as well. Encourage all your customers and even visitors to rate their experience with your company.

✅ Pre Chat Survey

Starting a chat without proper information is a huge turn-off for sellers and can lead to fewer sales. What Olark Alternatives have this feature? Here's what you can do to get the best out of your chats:

Ask questions about the product and get to know the buyer and what he or she is looking for. This helps you tailor the conversation and the product to the right person.Request contact details such as name, email, and phone number. This information will be used to contact the buyer if the chat ends without a sale. This gives the buyer a better experience and makes them feel more comfortable.Accept contact details. You can use a live chat or a CRM to manage your customer contacts.

✅ Proactive Chat

Chatting is a great tool for helping you increase your business. It allows you to have a more personal interaction with your customers and helps you understand their needs better. By initiating a chat window, you can demonstrate your desire to help your customers and show visitors how friendly and knowledgeable you are. It's important to be ready to help your visitors as soon as they initiate a chat. Emoticons and a pleasant tone of voice can go a long way. Most people have a positive image of a business that offers assistance and a positive tone.

Try initiating a chat with visitors who meet your specified criteria. When you initiate a chat, the visitor must opt out for you not to send one. You can set up these criteria by specifying certain demographics, being used on a device with a certain operating system, or by using specific pages on your site. Have you considered using these triggered chats for collecting feedback, onboarding new users, or getting help to convert more visitors into customers? Olark Alternatives should be capable of doing it.

5 Best Olark Alternatives


5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

LabiDesk offers live chat software and even more: Knowledge Base, Help Desk, Shared Inbox, Announcements, Mailboxes, Signatures, Auto Replies and SLA policies. LabiDesk is all-in-one helpdesk software to help you with customer support and sales workflows. LabiDesk is number one among Olark Alternatives.


5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

Crisp is a simple live chat software, somewhat similar to Intercom. Number two on the Olark Alternatives list.


5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

Intercom is certainly a leader when it comes to live chat software. They are offering many great features, but the pricing is rather high. Number three on the Olark Alternatives list.


5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

ReAmaze is a live chat software by GoDaddy. ReAmaze is a great live chat for eCommerce. Number four on the Olark Alternatives list.


5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors

Gorgias is also one of the best live chat software for online shops. It has tons of features to help eCommerce business owners make more sales. Number five on the Olark Alternatives list.

We know that there are many live chat software out there, but we hope that this article about the 5 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors helps you find one that you like the best! If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues! Thank you for reading, we hope to see you again soon!

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