7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

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When a new business is just starting out, new problems arise. You want to be able to take care of them as soon as possible so that the company doesn't fall too far behind. However, as a company grows bigger and more complex, it's difficult to deal with both internal and external issues at the same time. This all adds up in helping you see why help desk software can be incredibly useful in an organization no matter if it's in its early stages or already growing fast! The best way to find out which one would fit your business specifically is by finding reviews on it - like this one for example!

Help Desk Software is exactly the same as customer support. It covers emails, telelephone call tracking, social media messaging, incoming inquiries and tickets and much more when it comes to managing requests from your customers. This includes both internal staff (inside team members) and external (outside people). The best Help Desk Software will be the one that can handle all these areas in an easy way so your business can focus on growing its assets rather than having to keep track of stupid incoming requests. We've outlined some of the different kinds of software available so you can see which type is best for you!

What is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software is an important tool to enable companies of dealing systematically with calls, requests, and inquiries from users and customers. Your clients/ users/ customers may be contacting your company by phone, email, text messaging, instant chatting or social media with questions or issues they would like to have resolved. The system generates tickets for each issue based on its needs.

The system tracks each ticket, gives them work assignment numbers, and associates them with specific customers and agents if applicable. Support team members resolve the tickets by either giving instructions to the customer that will resolve the issue themselves or by making changes or helping them with their issue. Once agents are done resolving an issue they notify the customer over one of many different channels that were available before submitting the ticket.

Why do you need a Helpdesk Software?

A helpdesk is one of the first things every company needs to have on its premises. If you are planning on starting a company, you need to make sure that your company has a helpdesk software right from the beginning. An IT helpdesk software is highly important for running a successful business. It can be an easy to use tool that can improve the performance of your company. One of the tools that are available on the market is LabiDesk.

If you run a small business that offers on-demand services, you might need a helpdesk software to make sure that you don't miss out on incoming enquiries. A helpdesk software helps you automate the entire customer service experience and shows you the ROI it can make.

A helpdesk software platform helps to create a support enviroment within your organization where users can access information about products, services or any other information. A helpdesk software works well for all companies to help resolve the internal support incidents.

The goal of the helpdesk software solution is a corner stone to keep your users and customers happy and productive. There is a huge variety of helpdesk software which is available and the right one for your company is going to be based on your needs and your budget.

Features to look for in the best Helpdesk Software

If you're looking for a good helpdesk software provider, there are some things to keep in mind. One of these is that many free Internet-based helpdesk software can be problematic or risky, since their customer service might not be able to match up to your needs. You should be careful! Another thing to remember is that helpdesk software can make all the difference if you have too many employees who need assistance with anything related to technology and service on a daily basis.

Omni Channel Support

As businesses become more and more global, the number of contact channels is only growing. Support teams that aren't equipped to handle customer requests through all the available channels risk missing out on customer complaints, feedback, and support requests.

Customers today use multiple channels to contact businesses. Businesses with good customer service never miss their chance to offer quick and personalized assistance. They respond in a timely manner and use multiple channels to communicate with customers.

Self Service Support

The self-service support model is one of the most powerful business strategies that can be used to take an organization to the next level. The self-service approach to support is pretty much the exact opposite of what traditional support has been, so it can be difficult to wrap your head around if you've never used it before.

Small businesses continue to embrace the self-service support as it helps them to deliver a better customer experience as well as improving customer satisfaction. With the increased adoption of self-service support, the self-service support market is set to rise.

Self-service support can be defined as a mode of support for a customer whereby the customer supports himself by means of a system or tool. Like searching through knowledge base or using help widget and it suggests help docs on customers inquiries.


Support agents use HelpDesk software to create a work environment that’s personalized for their unique needs and preferences. These customizable apps, integrations, and automation tools allow agents to automate ticket management, consolidate customer collaboration, access relevant contextual data such as logins and file attachments on new tickets, add notes to an existing ticket from another system - and so on.


Analytics help companies understand what their performance is like. This helps managers understand how things are running along, allowing them to better identify obstacles and find ways to improve the service they provide.

7 Best Helpdesk Software

7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

LabiDesk is a standalone helpdesk software powered by LabiOffice Suite. The support desk solution offers you the ability to provide your customers with complete 360 support for your products or services. One of its best features includes integrated support across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and others. Support ticketing management is also included as well as mailbox integration to ensure that emails sent from any other program are received by the right people in the right sequence at the right time. One tool covers a searchable knowledge database with product announcements and updates, a roadmap module and even a customer portal and internal knowledge base for asking questions and searching answers from your company's coworkers!

Pricing: Lifetime deal is available starting from $98 per team. And monthly subscription starting from $19 per team per month.


7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

Zendesk's solutions are primarily centered around the idea of omnichannel ticketing. That is, creating a single inbox that can be used to manage every customer inquiry, regardless of how it was initiated, on any platform. Zendesk aims to make it easier for businesses to serve more customers via the web, phone, Facebook Messenger or even by email. Zendesk provides some basic scripts that can be used as ticket responses during an interaction with the client and make the process easier by saving one from typing out what could necessary be a long response each time. For businesses which depend heavily on their support members' knowledge of its product(s), personalization plays an important role in driving loyalty and business success; providing an easy way for users to track tickets and monitor performance is another boon that helps drive results.

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $19 per user per month, essential plans from $49 per user per month.


7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

Freshdesk by Freshworks, is one of the industry leaders in Customer Service solutions, offers small businesses high-quality business solutions with a focus on customer service. Freshdesk is one of their most popular HelpDesk software tools. It offers you the simplicity and efficiency needed to help your customers fast. With Freshdesk, you’ll be able to streamline your communication process; work towards building relationships with the people who matter most; automate repetitive tasks easily; and even create powerful personalization down to the individual level for every ticket received by customers on your HelpDesk software.

Pricing: Omni channel support plans start from $35 per user per month.

Jira Service Desk

7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

If you’re a business owner in a mid-sized or enterprise company, you’ve probably already heard of Jira Service Desk. It’s a service desk designed for larger businesses with tens of thousands of employees and usually has multiple IT support departments. In fact, that's what makes Jira Service Desk perfect for businesses like yours that have hundreds or even thousands of employees. For example, if one department needs something from another department, such as an employee being placed on medical leave, Jira Service Desk makes it easy to communicate between them by creating tickets. This allows you to focus less on cross-department communication and more on growing your company into the next big thing!

Pricing: They offer a limited free version. And plans start from $20 per user per month.


7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

LiveAgent helpdesk software provides small and medium sized businesses with a powerful tool for working in the interests of customers and better managing their complaints and suggestions. This software is so robust that it gathers every relevant piece of customer feedback from different sources in one place so that gathered information and inquiries can be acted upon quickly.

One of its top features is the integration with social media. Your team can respond to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus comments in real time, which is great for instant customer feedback and satisfaction! Another highlight is the Multi-channel Integration feature. LiveAgent’s Hybrid Ticket will permit access to emails, calls and live chats from one interface so you never miss a thing!

Pricing: Plans starting from $15 per user per month for only tickets and go up to $39 per user per month.

Zoho Desk

7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

From general accounting software to project management systems, Zoho has much to offer. For helpdesk solutions, consider Zoho Desk because it's robust, intuitive, and easy to use. With integrated communication tools like email, chat, mobile messaging, and telephony - you can streamline support processes across all channels that your team uses. It even integrates with Slack, Trello, Salesforce, accounting software, CRM software and more so your team is able to work better than ever!

Pricing: They have a free basic version for 3 agents. Paid plans starting from $16 per user per month.


7 Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Success in 2021

This helpdesk software available at HubSpot is an amazing service because it allows for customer’s to seek out self-help using the knowledge base or allowing them to submit a ticket if they cannot locate the needed information on their own. This way, customers are able to find what they are looking for much quicker which in turn leads to increased satisfaction among customers. Also, customers are able to log feedback after submitting questions which helps the company see what kinds of modifications or additions should be made in order to make future customers even more delighted. With this single system, customers are also finally able to receive multiple forms of support because now there are bots that have been added which will respond either immediately or automatically until a real customer service representative becomes available to assist with the issue at hand.

Pricing: Starts from $45 per 2 users per month, each additional user $23 per month.

So why should you use a help desk ticketing system? Is it clear now? ?

Just as a baker needs a recipe book to bake tasty goodies, a product manager needs a helpdesk ticketing system. When customers run into trouble with your business, the support team may need to interact with them differently depending on where they originally reach out – an email channel, a telephone channel, through social media – and having a helpdesk software issue tracking system will help provide an easily accessible method for understanding what issues people are running into just as the recipe book helps the baker know which ingredients to purchase from his supplier.

We hope you found this article about the best helpdesk software very useful! If you are looking for helpdesk software to use for your business, then you should absolutely take a look at these options. It is important to have software that is easy to use, scalable, and affordable. All of these options are great for small business owners, but they are also affordable for large businesses. We hope you enjoyed our blog post. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to let us know.

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