Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

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When it comes to dealing with customer service, a lot of people get frustrated when the tools for managing the customer help desk are too complicated or a hassle to operate.

If you are looking for a ticketing system to manage your customer support tickets and to reduce the manual effort associated with it, this article on Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives will help you choose the best ticketing software for your team!

Customer service is a vital part of any business and there are several options to consider when you're looking for a customer help desk. The most important consideration is whether you want a dedicated team or to handle it yourself. Most people choose a help desk software, but they could be expensive. Self-service help desk software is a great choice for businesses that don't have a big team or dedicated team of customer support representatives. But you can always combine the two options and work with a third-party company or your own dedicated team to handle your customer help desk support with the help of top notch help desk software like ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus and ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

What is ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus?

SupportCenter Plus by ManageEngine is a simple back office system that is available 24x7x365. The support center platform is suitable for small and medium sized businesses. The online administration tool has a built-in ticketing system that is used in various industries such as telecom, utilities, BFSI, travel, hospitality and healthcare. The administration panel is easy to use and has many features including customizable reports, email scheduling, automatic phone call reminders, real-time support features, knowledge sharing and a complete help desk solution. The system has an extensive help desk knowledge base that is searchable and brings the support articles to the customers. This eliminates the redundant tickets and solves the problems in a quick and efficient manner.

The idea of managing a complete IT infrastructure from a single place is a dream of every IT administrator. With ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus, you can easily manage all your IT infrastructure from a single place. You can check all the tickets, edit, update and assign tickets, monitor the IT infrastructure, assign tickets to technicians and can get your work done much more easily. It is the most comprehensive and most comprehensive IT management software that you can use to get your work done.

However, there are those who tried ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus and after the trial period or testing it appeared to be not the kind of help desk and ticketing management software you were looking for. It could be features, design UX/ UI or other things that don't fit into your customer support workflow.

Nobody likes to spend money on a product that doesn’t work for them. There are always people who want to try it out to see if it works for them, but for the most part, people will stay away if it doesn’t perform as expected. If you’re looking for a way to make your ticketing system better, there are only a few ways to do it. One way is to use a competitive ticket management system that focuses on making your life easier. That's why we prepare for you this list of Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

SupportCenter Plus Features

✅ Multi-channel support

The number of channels for customers to interact with you is growing exponentially. It's not just email and phone anymore; people are communicating with you on your website, social media, chat, and texting. That's why having a cohesive view of customer interactions is so important! When you have a unified view across multiple channels, you're able to address customers' needs and solve issues before they arise. You can see what's working, what isn't and make faster decisions on what to tweak in your business.

Customer engagement can be made easier with the help of multiple channels i.e. Email, Phone, Portal, Social Media and the list keeps growing every day. This is called multi-channel support. Today, it is a well-known fact that customer experience plays a vital role in business success. Effective customer engagement is a key part of that experience. A customer engagement platform like ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives enables businesses to more quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage customer interactions across multiple customer touchpoints and customer communication channels.

Request tracking & automation

There is a better way to handle all your incoming customer inquiries. You can use customer service software like ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives to automate the process of creating, organizing, and tracking customer support requests into a seamless process. This helps you save time and money, eliminate redundant work, and even provide better customer support with a real human touch. Start managing your customer support the right way with this helpdesk software today and watch your business grow.

✅ Account and contact management

Whether you're responsible for managing the billing and service of a small business or handling the customers of a major corporation, the importance of proper account and contact management cannot be stressed enough. With the internet allows individuals and businesses to communicate in real-time with anyone across the world, it's more important than ever to manage service and support with the same level of efficiency and accuracy. Managing multiple service contracts and related support plans can be a pain. Without the right tools and strategies it can be overwhelming to keep on top of everything. But with the right tools, you can ensure you're informed about your customers' service contracts, billing, and service calls. Account management is an important feature for ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

Knowledge Base

We all know that responding to customer queries can be time consuming. And if you are not using a knowledge base, you are likely to lose productivity due to repetitive queries. This knowledge base makes it easy for you to set up a knowledge base for your team and stay organized and efficient. You can group solutions according to various topics, so that you easily keep track of all that you know. Internal knowledge base is a great way to communicate with your colleagues and share information and best practices. You can also convert your knowledge base into an FAQ page to help solve customer queries and improve customer experience! It's one of the vital features in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

✅ Customer portal

Customer support is crucial in today's market and with customer portals, you can now offer your customers a self-serve support solution. You can leverage the power of a customer portal allowing the customers to submit tickets, track the ticket status, search for answers in the knowledge base and run reports about the tickets. All of this can be done from a customer-friendly interface and customers can even receive notifications via email or SMS. Its a must have feature for ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

✅ Contracts & SLA Management

The SupportCenter Plus SLA Manager allows you to set SLAs for every request to ensure your customers never experience breaches in your service. With reminder emails and automatic alerts if an SLA is breached, you can rest assured your team will never miss a request, and keep your customers happy and satisfied. SLA are must for ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

✅ Time tracking and billing

Many businesses struggle with time tracking. Time tracking is important because it helps businesses keep track of the time and money they spend on each customer and customer support inquiry. Tracking your time helps you to make smarter decisions about how you use your time, how much you're spending on each customer, how efficient your team is at handling customer issues, and how much time you spend on customer support in general.

✅ Reports, dashboards and KPIs

Reports, dashboards and KPI's are the most important tools in your day-to-day management of a help desk. Reports provide deep insights into your company and help you build your business. They are based on raw data, and often take time to produce. Dashboards are designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your help desk in real time. KPI's will provide you with regular updates on the status of your help desk and provide you with a performance scorecard. Once you have your KPIs in place they will provide you with updates on key performance indicators. And you'll have a better idea of how good your company's customer support team is. ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives should be offering this feature.

Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives


Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

LabiDesk is a top ranked support ticket software and customer relationship management solution that helps small-businesses and enterprises to streamline their customer support and marketing strategies LabiDesk is one of the best ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives. LabiDesk offers many features including live chat, knowledge base, ticketing, shared inbox and automation to help companies to deliver high quality services and satisfy their customers. LabiDesk also offers easy integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce and other leading eCommerce platforms.


Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

Freshdesk is one of the leading customer support software. Freshdesk is leading because it has plenty of features, is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The best customer support software should be easy to use, intuitive and creative. And Freshdesk has those traits. One of the benefits of Freshdesk is that it has a mobile app so you don't have to carry your computer around. You can also use it on desktop computers and laptops. It's a great ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives. So check it out!


Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

We all know that using customer service software can make managing customer support a lot easier. However, it's important to consider which software to use. Zendesk is one of the most well-known software solutions for customer support. Not only is it simple and efficient, but it's also easy to scale as your company grows. With Zendesk, you can easily manage your help desk, send notifications and emails, and even monitor your social media pages. It's one of the best tools for managing customer support, so you should definitely consider using it as ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.


Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

Helpscout is a great customer service software. It helps small businesses run much more smoothly by organizing customer communication and integrating with a range of other platforms. Customers can get in touch by phone, e-mail or the live chat widget that comes with the software. The help desk software can handle it all and makes sure that your customer is serviced quickly and correctly. It features a wide array of features for a very affordable price. Its one of the top ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.


Top 5 ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives 2022

Gorgias is the best software for all of your customer support needs! It's easy to use and it's got everything you need to make sure your customers are happy. With Gorgias, you can communicate with your customers through email and phone, you can help them access their orders and ask them what they want, you can track their information and send them packages with ease and best of all, it's all up to date and secure. You won't be disappointed with Gorgias, it's the best way to make sure your customer service is spot on! Gorgias is a good ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives.

All in all, the ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Alternatives that we have mentioned in the article are some of the best platforms that offer all the features of the SupportCenter Plus. The best one for your business needs would depend on your specific requirements and budget. We hope that we were able to help you choose a platform that you will be able to use for your business needs. If you want to learn more about the SupportCenter Plus or want to find out which SupportCenter Plus Alternatives are best for your business, please feel free to contact our sales representative at

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