8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors 2021

Check out these 8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives for eCommerce. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento compatible ?

Customers are always expecting a great experience while shopping online. No matter what, they want to get hold of the product they want to buy with ease. They want to do it without having to get in touch with any sales personnel. That's why live chat features are so important for ecommerce stores. They allow the customer to get instant answers without having to wait for hours or call up the sales department. This ReAmaze Alternatives list will help you make the right choice.

Ecommerce stores are all about customer experience. Customers are expecting their needs to be met in an efficient manner without having to wait for hours or talk to the sales personnel.

ReAmaze is definitely a powerful customer support tool backed by GoDaddy, that is tailored to meet the needs of ecommerce and direct to consumer brands. There are many other ReAmaze Alternatives - ecommerce customer support tools in the market, but they aren't all created equally! This means you might have different requirements from a tool like this. Instead of looking at what features it has, it's also important to find out which features wouldn't be useful or make your day-to-day management tasks harder. Or, maybe the features seem perfect for most aspects of your business except a specific feature that isn't supported?

8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors
  • LabiDesk

  • Gorgias

  • Zendesk

  • Richpanel

  • Freshdesk

  • DelightChat

  • Hubspot Service Hub

  • Drift

What is ReAmaze?

Reamaze is a quality help desk software for ecommerce and service industry. It's a top-rated ticket management and live chat tool with all the features you need to run a smooth and efficient help desk for your store, website, and customer service team. Features like live chat, CRM, social media notifications, and email integrations make Reamaze a great live chat solution for growing ecommerce brands. However, there are many ReAmaze Alternatives.

✅ ReAmaze Advantages

They give you the power to deliver the right message when the customer is most receptive with Cues. You can target customers with a specific message when they’re in a buying behavior. And you can try different messages and see the results with the analytics dashboard.

ReAmaze helps to remove the traditional barriers of communication between retailers and their customers with a DIY help desk . It is designed to work seamlessly together with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce , WordPress and Magento. This dynamic platform enables your business to adhere to both European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and new digital customer service standards.

Reamaze is a promising tool that is changing the face of customer service. The app boasts a customizable interface and option to check on the order status as well as answer frequently asked questions. These features are the must for ReAmaze Alternatives.

❌ ReAmaze Disadvantages

Reamaze's pricing model can be costly not only for individual ecommerce entrepreneurs but the companies as well. If you plan to use this software for a business or even an individual, you'll have to prepare to pay $69 per user per month. It's simple to use but also complex, with many features that you might not even need. They offer a free trial, but it expires after 14 days, which can be too short for you to fully explore the platform. If you're okay with paying a high price for a medium-quality product, Reamaze is for you. But check out our list of ReAmaze Alternatives first.

You can’t expect a ticketing system to be a conversation with a customer. It’s a form of communication, but it is a very stiff one. The auto-replies can seem robotic when compared to a live interaction. We think the best way to go about a ticketing system is to combine it with live chats and live interactions. You can hold a conversation with a customer and still use a ticketing system if an incident or inquiry takes more time to resolve.

8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives

Unfortunately for help desk software users, the supply of top-of-the-line options seems to far outweigh the demand - which can make it seem nearly impossible to weed out all the poor options until you're left with just two or three solutions that are both effective and affordable. Enjoy our collection of the top ReAmaze Alternatives.

8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

While Reamaze is a good customer support ticketing system, there are better out there! The first being LabiDesk. Unlike Reamaze, LabiDesk offers real-time chat, their own customer service representative, along with a ticketing system. The prices are incredibly affordable, with limited time discounts for early adopters. Anyone who is looking for a great customer support software for ecommerce and online stores should take a look at LabiDesk! Its one of the top choices for ReAmaze Alternatives.

Labidesk.com is a unique and it is a best and most feature rich and fully customizable live chat and helpdesk software for Shopify and WooCommerce online store owners and it also works for any other website and it can also be used on desktop and mobile devices.

Pricing: LabiDesk pricing starts from $19 per team and it also offers a lifetime subscription.

Number of seats, features and mailboxes depends on the plan tier.


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

Having the right software to manage your customer service is crucial to growing your store. Gorgias is a customer service software that focuses on helping Shopify store owners provide the best experience to their customers. They’re one of the leading customer service software, with their app being recognized by Shopify’s app store. But, they’re also available on other platforms like WooCommerce and BigCommerce, which means they can reach a wider audience. Gorgias aims to simplify the customer service process by encouraging agents to provide the best possible support. By just installing the app, you have access to their tools, which allows your support to be more effective. Gorgias is a good ReAmaze Alternatives.

Pricing: Starting $60 per month for 350 tickets per month and goes as high $750 per month for 6000 tickets per month. Also depends on the plan you can purchase extra 100 tickets for $14, $23 and $25.


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

We all know there's no shortage of customer service software out there, but they're all incredibly different in the features they offer. Zendesk might be one of the most heavily-used platforms in the entire industry, even though they've only been around since 2007. It's thanks to how many platforms they support. From mobile to in-app chat to email to their own community hub, Zendesk has found ways to adapt to customers' new demands. While they have a bunch of plans to choose from, their core offering which has all the features is quite expensive. If you're trying to get more out of your software investment, the Zendesk Support Only is a great place to start. If you're willing to pay for premium features, including phone, sms and other channels, they have plenty of options. Zendesk is also worth to be on the list of ReAmaze Alternatives.

Pricing: Starting from $19 per month per agent for basic support plan. Team, Growth and Professional plans are : $49, $79, $99 per agent per month.


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

It almost feels like Richapanel copied their pricing strategy from Gorgias, as it is as expensive as Gorgias, if not more expensive.

Richpanel was designed to help ecommerce stores manage all their customer support queries in an easy way. Richpanel's customer support software helps you track all your customer queries in one place, be it email, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Richpanel lets you view all your queries in a single dashboard, thus keeping you on top of all your queries. So you can easily manage, track and resolve customer queries in no time. Plus, it takes the burden off of the whole team. Deserves to be on the list of ReAmaze Alternatives.

Pricing: As we mentioned earlier in our customer support tools reviews, Richpanel pricing is as high as Gorgias and even higher. $99 for 350 conversations per month and $999 for 60000 conversations per month.


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

Freshdesk is a customer service software that can be used for many industries and companies of different types and sizes. It's convenient and easy to use. It provides an easy way for support agents to communicate with customers and vice versa. It can be used for social media, forums, email, and phone support. It also includes an activity stream, a knowledge base, and a variety of other features such as lead score, surveys, and agent monitoring. Freshdesk doesn’t offer an on-premise version, only cloud SaaS version. To learn more about these features and to see how they're used, please see the Freshdesk website and talk to experts on support and customer service. Another great choice for ReAmaze Alternatives

Pricing: Basic support plan starts from $15 per agent per month. And for omnichannel support expect to pay from $29 to $99 per agent per month.


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

DelightChat is a software that provides a hassle-free, customer service solution for retail brands. With a conversation-first approach, the software enables brands to resolve customer queries with a quick and easy chat interface. DelightChat is built for retail brands with a purpose to deliver the highest possible customer service to their customers. It lets brands focus on providing a personalized, delightful customer service whilst eliminating the problems that typically arise from running a customer service operation from a small team. New but well deserved to be on the list of ReAmaze Alternatives.

Pricing: DelightChat is copying Gorgias and Richpanel pricing model where they charge per number of conversations (tickets) per month. For 500 tickets per month prepare to pay $29 and for 6000 tickets - $249 per month.

Hubspot Service Hub

8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

HubSpot is an amazing tool, but it is expensive. They have amazing support, and lots of options, but the price is high! If you are in the market for an all in one inbound marketing tool and not only helpdesk software, you can check out their free online course and free CRM, but if you're not the startup type, the prices might be out of your budget. Another good choice for ReAmaze Alternatives.

Pricing: Hubspot tradinionally offers free plans to start which are very limited. It will cost you $45 per month for 2 agents and can go as high as $360 per month for 5 agents, and $1200 per month for 10 agents


8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives & Competitors

Today, it's critical for companies to offer the best possible experience to their customers. This includes not only the products and services they provide, but also the customer support they provide. This is especially true for companies that deal with the public.

Drift provides a solution to modern conversational marketing and could be a good ReAmaze Alternative. It allows for brand interaction with potential customers in the most modern way possible. Allowing for customers to communicate with your brand in a way is comfortable for them. Depending on the services you purchase, Drift will help your brand lower costs of customer service by effectively handling most of the workload. Their platform allows for custom tailoring for each of your customers, which ensures that the quality of leads are high.

Pricing: $40 per user per month for a standard price and goes up to $400 per agent per month and higher.

The thing about the customers is that regardless of the type of business you're running, they're always expecting good customer service. Even if they're just visiting your store for the first time, they'd want to get the best experience ever. Why else would they feel the need to spend money with you? The primary goal of any store or business is to bring customers in. But once you've got them, the next task is to ensure they're satisfied with their purchase. Live chat features are so important because they allow customers to get immediate response to any questions, regardless of the time. It's so easy for them to get hold of any information they need to know about your products. This means your company is going to have an edge over the competitors.

In today's busy world, it is important for a company to have a live chat feature. This is a feature that allows customers to get their questions answered in a quick manner. This feature can help a business grow because it creates a sense of trust with the customer. If a customer has a question, they can immediately get an answer. This creates a sense of a personal relationship with a business. A business could also use a live chat feature to their advantage when they have a sale going on. They could have a live chat representative on hand to answer any questions a customer may have. This helps to create a sense of urgency for the customer.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best help desk software for ecommerce and our handpicked 8 Best ReAmaze Alternatives. We spent a lot of time researching the latest offerings in this niche to find the best products. We hope you found the right solution for your needs! If you have any other questions or concerns about finding the right help desk software, please contact us anytime at [email protected]. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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