Magento Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Extension)

Live Chat & Help Desk Extension for Magento. Check it out ?

Magento Marketplace, the official extension store for Magento, is the world's first and only marketplace for Magento extensions. Now, Magento users have a central repository for the most popular and highest quality extensions, and can maximize their Magento investment. No longer do users need to go through the trouble of searching the web, evaluating and testing different extensions to ensure the compatibility with their Magento installations. Magento Marketplace, powered by Magento, offers a wide selection of extensions ranging from new features to workflow tools to design and Magento Customer Service tools, like Magento Live Chat extension and Magento Help Desk extension. Magento Marketplace is the global ecommerce resource with the most popular and highest quality extensions.

What is Magento?

Magento is an ecommerce platform designed for effective online retailing. This online store software does a great job of helping sellers "create a shopping cart" and then "fill it" with items customers want to buy! It supports much more than that, though! It also includes features to improve the customer experience, like wish-lists, and product reviews. It's also very good at handling a large number of products, supporting multiple languages, and providing powerful reporting tools. In addition, it's a very stable platform that has been used by hundreds of merchants. It's no wonder why Magento is the leading ecommerce website platform. It has hundreds of unique features that help ecommerce websites increase sales and convert more users. Some of these features include a web-based administration panel, SEO optimized templates, checkout systems, and too many more to count. It has helped ecommerce businesses all over the world, including small businesses and large corporations. With the help of this platform, your ecommerce business can reach its greatest potential.

Magento is definitely a leader when it comes to running online stores of all types. It offers merchants a great variety of features to fit their needs, but every client has different requests and priorities and sometimes basic features are just not enough.

Magento Customer Service

If you are in a company that's using Magento and you are looking for a simple solution to redirect your customers to the correct place, then the best solution would be an extension such as Magento Customer Service Helpdesk. This extension is not only useful for merchants, but also for all the staff who need to provide support for those who are experiencing problems with the online store or simply want to get more information about the product or service availability, shipment, pricing and other online shopping related questions.

Magento Customer Service Helpdesk Extension for Magento is a useful tool for any e-commerce website owner. It allows you to organize your customer support activity in an online store. The Customer Service Helpdesk Extension works with your existing email box and lets you create a help desk ticketing system that lets you track all your customer requests and comments. You can also embed a Magento Live Chat extension. This magento helpdesk extension is easy to install and customize depending on the needs of your online business.

Magento Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Extension)

Tickets, also referred to as cases or inquiries, are an essential part of an online store, they are what helps online merchants manage Magento customer service. When an issue arises, customers need to be able to contact the store owner and ask questions or report issues they have. Tickets help to organize this and provide a better, more transparent experience. Tickets are also a great way to keep order in an online store. With Magento ticketing system or Magento customer service helpdesk, store owners can break up tickets into different categories and assign them to specific team members. This is helpful when a customer has multiple questions or concerns and the store owner needs to provide more in-depth answers. It also helps to organize the tickets (emails) in a way that each team member can be the most helpful.

Π‘ustomer Service Extension for Magento

If you're going to be professional, then you need to get the right tools for the job. That's one of the reasons we're so proud to offer Magento Customer Service Extension. It's a great tool that takes all of the guesswork out of ticket management and live chat. The Shared inbox in this Magento Customer Service extension automatically converts all your emails between customers and your merchants into tickets. Then, it automatically converts responses back into emails to send to your customers.

Magento Live Chat Extension

Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service is a Magento-specific live chat app for online customer support and sales assistance. The average online store loses 5-10% of their potential sales. One of the reasons is that online customers are usually not able to find the answers to their queries, like specific product types they are looking for, colors, sizes, availability, discounts and more. When they don't find the answers they will leave their shopping carts, and never return. Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service enables online stores to provide the best possible customer service for their online shoppers. Magento live chat extension is an essential tool to stay ahead of your online competition and be proactive rather than reactive, to catch every lead opportunity and turn them into a happy and returning customer.

Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service helps you to get in touch with your customers at any time of the day. It allows you to answer their questions and guide them through the checkout page. The best thing about this Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service extension is that it makes it possible to turn on live chat on the checkout page and see what your online shoppers are trying to buy. You can help them by explaining the details of the products, answer the questions, and help them make the right purchase decision.

Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service is adaptive and features a wide range of features working in tandem to ensure a smooth and productive experience. For instance, you can use the proactive chat invitations to send personalized messages to your visitors. The tool will send the message automatically, based on defined triggers in case the online shopper has visited a certain number of pages or stayed on the website for a particular length of time. The proactive chat invitations are a great way to increase the number of leads.


Magento Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Extension)

LabiDesk Magento Live Chat Extension for Magento Customer Service has a range of implementation tools that allow you to connect LabiDesk Magento live chat and helpdesk app with Magento in a couple of clicks. LabiDesk Magento live chat and helpdesk extension is available in a free version with limited functionality and various paid plan versions that gives you access to advanced features and tools.

LabiDesk Magento Live Chat and Helpdesk Extension is #1 help desk software for Magento. With LabiDesk your online shoppers have access to your Magento customer service at any time of the day or night. Even if you're not active, they can submit a ticket on your online store via LabiDesk app. Once you've received their message, you can answer them via live chat or email or other preferred contact method: Facebook, Instagram etc. You can create an outgoing ticket to the customer or assign a ticket to another representative in your team. LabiDesk will help you manage and track the most time-consuming cases. You can even automate the process by enabling the Autoresponder feature and send out a predefined answer to the customers! Customers can track their order status, track shipment and more, and all of these without the need to contact you for that information. LabiDesk help widget is equipped with features to let customers find basic order progress details.

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