Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

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In today’s customer-centric business environment, it’s imperative for companies to build relationships with their customers, and one of the best ways to do that is to market to them with a consistent message across multiple channels. There are plenty of customer service tools and our goal here is to help you choose the best one for your business! Oracle’s Service Cloud and Oracle’s Service Cloud Alternatives solutions let you do just that.

With the global shift towards digital customer service and the growing expectations from customers, organizations are faced with the challenge of keeping up. The biggest challenge companies face is how to deliver a consistent customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. As a result, companies are adopting new technologies like social media and mobile in order to provide an updated experience to their customers. These technologies serve as an essential part of the customer service experience and have the potential to provide companies with a competitive advantage.

What is Oracle Service Cloud?

Personalization is the most important trend in customer service, and it is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Today, more than ever before, companies need to deliver a personalized experience to their customers. The Oracle Service Cloud enables companies to personalize every interaction a customer has with the company, and deliver that level of service across any channel. Oracle Service Cloud can help you deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

The Oracle Service Cloud is made up of several cloud-based solutions that work together to create a complete service automation solution that can help your business transform into a service-oriented organization that is able to provide a personalized experience to its customers. By using Service Cloud, you can increase the efficiency of your business, become a more agile company and simplify your business processes. However, Oracle is enterprise customer service software and may not be a good fit for all companies and teams. There are many other Oracle Service Cloud alternatives to meet all team sizes, budget and customer support flow.

Oracle Service Cloud Features

✅ Unified Agent Desktop

As a company, you want to make sure that your customers are being served in the best way possible, but at the same time you want to ensure that your service calls are being handled quickly and efficiently. You can track your reps, monitor their productivity, and optimize your customer service infrastructure by using the customer service management system offered in the Oracle platform. If you need to monitor your customer service operation or want to know where you can improve, Oracle's customer service management system is an essential resource. With Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives, you can design your own, role-based dashboards or choose from over 1,000 best practice reports to track agent activity, monitor incoming customer service calls, and effectively improve your customer service infrastructure!

✅ Single Platform

With Oracle Service Cloud, you can connect data between your CRM and other back-office systems seamlessly. It improves service insight and reliability while helping your team make better business decisions. With a powerful and flexible connector, you can connect data between your CRM and back-office system immediately. You can connect data easily and securely and you can always add a system whenever you need to. You can use connectors to connect data to CRM, ERP, POS, WMS and many other back-office systems. You work hard to keep your business running smoothly and Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives will help you do that while also saving time and money!

✅ Highly Configurable

When you think about agent consoles, you probably think about all the apps you have to integrate with. This is a common problem with chat platforms. The apps you need are fine, but they're not integrated together in the best way. To make matters worse, you have to spend a lot of time and money on those integrations. It's not just the apps; you also want to customize the agent console to meet your unique business requirements. When you add all this up, we see why so many businesses are struggling with the question of how to get it all done. The answer is simple: Use Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives! It will take care of all the apps and integrations for you. It also gives you the ability to customize the agent console to suit your needs.

✅ Productivity features

For customer service agents, efficiency and accuracy is key. But resolving customer issues isn't always simple. It can be difficult to keep track of the issues that arise and the correct steps to resolve them. There are many different types of issues that can arise and it's impossible for a single person to know how to properly document and resolve them. That's where Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives come in. By using this software, agents are able to have better tools to capture critical customer information and resolve issues faster. It makes it easy to take the guesswork out of resolving issues and make it easier to resolve them and follow the right steps.

Customer service agents can boost their efficiency by using intelligent workflows, which can be created by supervisors. If a customer has a problem with a product or service, give them a new replacement or a refund. If a customer has a complaint, try to solve the problem. If a customer just wants to give feedback on how to improve, thank them for the input. If customers want to make a suggestion, let them know you will consider it and they can check in on its status.

✅ Customer self-service

From a customer standpoint there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to access their account information or to resolve an issue. It's even worse when they find they have to contact a customer service agent to resolve those issues. This can lead to more delays, confusion, and frustration. Thankfully, the best customer service software helps you manage customer self-service issues. While humans still serve a vital role in the customer service process, there are automated tools that self-service solutions can provide. Do you want to talk about how a self-service platform can reduce your costs and provide a better customer experience? Oracle Service Cloud some of the Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives offer self service customer support features.

Your customers can access self-service content 24/7, without engaging a contact center agent. Self-service helps provide a better customer experience and reduce contact center costs. It can be as simple as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or as engaging as a customized online experience. Regardless, it enables your customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

✅ Robust intelligence

Customer service agents are vital in many business models. They handle requests that customers have about the company, the product and help the customers with their accounts. However, with this role comes a lot of button mashing: entering the same information again and again, sending the same emails, etc. And of course, the worst task is having to constantly deal with callers who can't be helped. While having a customer service agent might be great for some companies, a better option may be having a digital assistant that can handle simple requests and escalations. This way, the agents can spend their time resolving more complicated issues while the digital assistant can handle the small tasks, saving the company large amounts of money! Not all Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives offer this feature.

✅ Chatbots - Digital assistant skills

Automation is the future of the workplace, and it's nothing to be afraid of! Chatbots are the future of automation. Chatbots are essentially digital assistants, in the form of programs that can process requests, find answers, and process payments. The best part about chatbots is that it does all of these things, without a human error. Chatbot communication is the new frontier in customer service. The ability for companies to connect customer requests across their entire suite of products and services with a consistent, automated experience will provide a competitive edge in the digital space. Businesses can connect their systems to a range of digital assistants, allowing them to work in the background and answer customer requests in a seamless, efficient manner. Not only will this give customers a pleasant experience, it will also help streamline internal processes and increase productivity. Many Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives offer chatbot features.

Among other great features that Oracle Service Cloud offers are: Live Chat, Video Chat, Web analyses, Messaging, Engagement engine, Cobrowsing, Live Experience and more. These and other features are all among the list of Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives we put together for you.

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives


Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

LabiDesk is one of the top customer service software that can be used for both: Small & Medium size businesses, as well as for Enterprise. LabiDesk help desk software can be customized and adopted to any type of business, team size and customer service workflow. LabiDesk is a product of LabiOffice Suite just like Oracle it offers a number of add-on products and features which you can use for your entire business infrastructure. It also offers deep integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento which makes it one of the best customer support tools for online retailers. It’s a great Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Service

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

There will always be those who support and who are against the Microsoft solutions. Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Service is a powerful cloud service hub mostly used by Enterprise companies whose entire infrastructure is built by using Microsoft and .Net technologies. It’s a good alternative to Oracle Service Cloud.


Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Zendesk is one of the leaders in the customer service software industry and offers a great collection of features and add-on products that when put together makes it a good Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.


Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Freshdesk is another top choice for many businesses when it comes to customer service and support! Freshdesk is another solid Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.


Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Intercom introduced a new normal to customer service when they launched. It became clear that not all businesses need a 360 help desk solution to support their clients. Intercom is a good Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.

Hubspot Service Hub

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Among other great products that Hubspot offers, there is a Hubspot Service Hub - customer service software with Live chat, Ticketing System and Knowledge Base. It’s one of the top Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives as it also offers solutions mostly to Enterprise clients.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Salesforce doesn’t need an introduction or explanation, or does it? Salesforce is a CRM which is quite popular among Fortune 500 companies. Salesforce is definitely not for everyone as it takes a team of developers and quite a budget to install and configure Salesforce Service cloud to run smoothly in your business infrastructure and customer service flow. Salesforce is another top choice for Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.


Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Kayako is a help desk software with Live Chat, Knowledge Base and Shared Inbox. Works well for both small & medium size companies, as well as for bigger enterprise clients. It's a good Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.

Jira Service Desk

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Jira Service Desk is an add-on product of Atlassian. Jira Service Desk is not their core product and thus lacking a great number of features, however it is still a good quality product if you are using Jira as core infrastructure for your business processes. Which makes it a top choice for Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.

Zoho Desk

Top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Zoho Desk is a customer service software with a number of features for customer support and add-on products you can use for all your business processes. Definitely deserves a spot on our list of Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives.

Thank you for reading this post on the top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives. Now that you know what are the top 10 Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives, you can choose the one that best fits your business workflow. We hope it will help you choose the best customer service software for your team! If you have any other Oracle Service Cloud Alternatives that you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to look into it. Until next time, have a great day!

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