Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

The best 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors. Check it out ?

Sales and marketing departments often feel the brunt of poor marketing automation. They get bombarded with marketing emails that not only look spammy to the end user, but also promote the same repulsive marketing tactics that lead to the rise of marketing automation tools in the first place. This blog will shed some light on the problems faced by sales and marketing and which Drift Alternatives can help you solve them.

One of the most important responsibilities in any business with a marketing team is making sure leads are efficiently generated and professionally guided through this convoluted maze of options to ensure that they become opportunities for revenue growth. Any marketer has plenty of free or affordable lead generation tools at their disposal.

What is Drift?

Drift is one of the most popular customer interaction platforms in the market for sales and marketing. Drift is a solution for many aspects of conversational marketing. It allows businesses to communicate with customers in a manner that feels like a natural conversation. It uses Artificial Intelligence to do this.

Drift is a modern chatbot that can give you an unlimited number of chatbots for the many different chat apps that are out there.

Drift's chatbots can be used for sales and marketing. One of my favorite things about Drift is that you can set up multiple chatbots for your website. This way, they can all be working together to sell you stuff. What other Drift Alternatives are capable of that?

Drift’s chatbots can be customized to your company’s needs. With a few simple configurations, the bot will help book meetings for you by connecting with your sales team’s calendar via a CRM. The chatbot sends out responses to user questions meant to address the reason as to why they're interacting with it in the first place.

What features to look for in Drift Alternatives?

With Drift, you'll be able to make certain that your sales team is closing deals with clients who are genuinely interested in them with the help of our intelligent messaging solution. It does this by helping you create opportunities which represent real relationships between your company's business model and the needs of potential buyers that are expressed clearly in their one-to-one interactions on your website or inside your app. You should look for this feature's availability in Drift Alternatives.

Drift is a tool that allows you to understand your visitors by seeing their current actions on your site or app. In a nutshell, Drift keeps track of what the visitor is doing at any moment in time and makes it easily readable for you. Drift is really useful for helping you understand if your visitors are finding the actions they need on your website or app.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors

  1. LabiDesk

  2. Intercom

  3. ManyChat

  4. Landbot

  5. Chatbot

❌Drift Disadvantages

Many users enjoy Drift because it's incredibly easy to use; however, there are some concerns. First, customers say that Drift is intimidating because of the layout and the overall aesthetic. It is worth noting that this is common to any new product and users get used to the interface eventually. Additionally, many users say that Drift does not offer adequate customer support. These are just some of the reasons why so many Drift customers are looking for Drift Alternatives.

❌ Some minor bugs and lack of features

It appears that the name of visitors doesn’t always show in the chat for agents.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

❌ Steep Pricing

High pricing is also one of the main disadvantages as not everyone can afford to pay $500 for a regular plan.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

However Drift does offer a free plan, it comes with lots of limitations, but still offers some basic essential features to start conversational marketing for your business. There's a preconceived notion that just because a plan comes free of cost, it may not fulfill your needs. However, Drift claims it may be wrong with their own freemium "Drift Free". Which meets customers where they're at without having to break the bank; you can upgrade later if you want more features and need to send more emails. No wonder people are searching for Drift Alternatives.

❌ The user experience is not optimally designed for automation. Automation is supposed to make our lives easier, but it's failing to do so.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

❌Drift lacks Customer Support Features

Drift is a top contender on the market for sales support chatbots. So if yours would offer only that functionality, then Drift might work just fine on that front. On the other hand, if you anticipate needing some basic customer support as well as sales support with your chatbot, it might be best to keep looking elsewhere but remember that Drift gives you a great starting point so you won’t have to spend too much money or time starting off with their free plan. You can start out with a chatbot for free!

Regardless of whether or not you end up going with Drift or Drift Alternatives, it’s a smart idea to constantly monitor the market and reevaluate its needs because things could change drastically from one day to the next. It’s never good practice to be locked into any one platform – especially in today’s constantly evolving tech world – so make sure you’re constantly on top of it whether your chatbot application of choice is getting switched out or not!

✅Choosing Drift Alternative

Choosing a customer support software or sales support, or a chatbot tool is no easy task. There are so many vendors out there - each touting the features that make it worth your time and money to invest in them. Before you make a final decision, there are certain differentiators to keep in mind when looking at Drift Alternatives and competitors in the market that will help you determine whether or not one of their competitors will better meet all of your requirements.

✅ Product Updates

Chatbots are great because they don't need time to sleep or other types of downtime, so you can utilize them 24/7 for customer service. For example, say your chatbot informs a customer about their new deal upon logging in - but maybe the deal itself isn't activated for another week. The chatbot will remind the customer again the following week when it comes into effect and also encourage them to check out all their new benefits. This way it's more than just a one-and-done scenario and helps your brand stay top of mind with valuable customers right when they're valuable. Which Drift Alternatives offer the same?

✅ Self-Service Support

​​In many cases, customers can solve their inquiry using self-service methods. For example, if a customer wants to return a product or get a refund, they may be able to find the answer on your website. Using a chatbot can make it more likely that customers will get what they want. A chatbot can scan your knowledge base for answers and provide suggested solutions quickly and easily, which you can then direct customers to even if they don't end up utilizing the chatbot. In some situations, the chatbot might even be able to handle transaction management through online purchases or reservation of venue spaces through non-traditional sales channels such as webchat! In this way, your brand will appear more accessible and friendly than ever before! There are quite a few Drift Alternatives who are offering this too.

✅ Qualifying Leads

Chatbots can assist in the communication process between businesses and their customers. For example, suppose a potential customer is making his way over to your pricing page to look at your services. Because you’ve integrated a chatbot into this section of your platform, the chatbot can ask what they need help with to determine if they’re ready to shell out their hard-earned cash to purchase something. The chatbot will then direct them further into your site or to someone on your team for assistance. Not all Drift Alternatives have this feature.

✅ Pre Qualifying Leads

Some brands use chatbots in order to qualify leads and follow up in the future. This is common on social media and chats which help in capturing the contact information of people who have interacted with your website or social media page for example by using a bot so as to retarget them later. If you’re going to be promoting your business or pushing a specific campaign, these types of leads can certainly work effectively when it comes down to seeing further expansions. This feature is also not offered with all Drift Alternatives.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives

So with that said, it's important to consider all the other alternatives in the market and go over them carefully before making your decision on which conversational marketing software platform you're going to invest in. Because when selecting a conversational marketing tool, you really need to know exactly why you've made that choice and be sure that it is what you want for your business.

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

LabiDesk is a top-rated help desk software that provides fully-fledged functions, offering more opportunities for you to improve support operations.

LabiDesk is on top of this Drift Alternatives list as new and promising full-fledged help desk software. They currently don’t have a full chatbot functionality. But they have features to capture leads and assist shoppers with their order status which makes it perfect for eCommerce. Live Chat, Knowledge Base, Help Center Site Builder, Announcement feed and many more features make this helpdesk essential for both customer support and sales support. LabiDesk would be great to integrate with your existing chatbot provider as offers so many amazing features for both customer support and sales support.

Pricing: LabiDesk offers various plans and options. At this moment a lifetime deal is available, and monthly subscription paid plans start from $19 per team per month.


Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Intercom is one of the major players in the chatbot industry. They offer a range of solutions including interactive bots that can remind visitors about abandoned carts or answer common questions, with prompts based on what page they’re on or the sequence of pages they’ve visited. You can also run A/B tests on messages to determine which strategies are most effective. Intercom is best for businesses with dedicated support teams – thanks to direct connections between chatbots and support agents, visitors will be able to reach human support nearly instantly after opening incoming chat conversations. Well deserved second place on this Drift Alternatives list.

Pricing: Intercom has plans for very small companies and for most businesses. Plans start from $79 per user per month.


Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

ManyChat is a powerful yet user-friendly chatbot builder that will help you make your Facebook Messenger messages more relevant to your target audience. It allows you to monitor all the messages sent through your bot, which is especially important in ensuring that customers are treated quickly and efficiently when they contact the company via messages (it’s almost like having another team member doing support!). The visual editor makes it easy for non-coders to build their own bots in minutes by dragging and dropping elements onto the interface. Manychat is in third place on our Drift Alternatives list.

Pricing: You can get ManyChat app for free with up to 1000 contacts and with other limitations. Paid plans starting from $15 per user per month.


Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Landbot provides a platform that enables you to create lead generation strategies that engage and convert. The best part is how beautifully easy it is! With Landbot, your strategy will be seamless as opposed to other, bloated software out there. Create lead generation campaigns and integrate them with the tools you already use in just a few clicks. The possibilities are endless: form building, landing page, fully customizable chat bot and so much more. Take your data-scientist hat off and analyze conversions at a glance thanks to their beautiful and intuitive dashboards! Conversational websites, landing pages or forms let you make decisions based on real-time performance & customer journey flow. Push changes and improve your conversion rates with a couple of clicks. You can’t go wrong here! Landbod is in fourth place on this Drift Alternatives list.

Pricing: Landbot offers a very limited free plan and paid plans start from $35 per 500 chats per month.


Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors 2022

ChatBot is the newest app on the block to power your business's next great marketing campaign by leveraging live chat. This app lets you craft impeccable word choices for seamless conversations during every interaction you have with customers on your website, Facebook, and more by personalizing each customer interaction so it has a sense of authenticity. Chatbot gives you everything you need to make your own chatbot, allowing it to be tied in with the apps and services currently being used. You can easily make changes using a drag-and-drop builder, while the integrated scenarios help to mold the bot’s behaviour over time. Once your chatbot is ready for action, simply add it to your website or other platforms like Facebook Messenger or Slack then start evolving your chatbot every day with a training tool that helps you identify and program unrecognised queries into your bot! Chatbot is in fifth place on this Drift Alternatives list.

Pricing: Chatbot pricing will cost you $42 per month for 1 chatbot and 1000 chats to start with, and pricing goes up to $424 for 25000 chats and unlimited chatbots.

You might be familiar with businesses that use oracles and smart contracts in order to convert information into automatic actions and transactions. A chatbot has the same capabilities, but it does not need blockchain yet to make its decisions. It can send feedback to a business owner's device for instant intelligence. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of a chatbot is that it could create "links" between people and brands such as you (or your business) to your consumers/customers/clients. This enables businesses similar to yours to work with you in many different ways because there can be links built upon links! Since this technology supports advanced artificial intelligence (AI), these links can effectively influence both the consumer and your business environment alike.

We hope this top 5 alternatives to Drift post was helpful and you will be able to start using one of these apps. With this knowledge, we know that you will be able to start building connections and links between your business and customers. We are happy to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us anytime at [email protected]. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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