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It is hard to find a business owner who does not want to provide excellent customer service. Providing good customer service is a way to keep your customers happy and to encourage them to come back to you for more. The best way to provide great WooCommerce customer service is to make sure that your customers can reach you. One of the best ways to provide good customer service is by providing your customers with a way to quickly contact you from the WooCommerce store.

As a business owner, you want to make your customers happy, but you also want to make sure that you are spending time wisely. Just imagine if you could easily provide customer support on your WooCommerce store from a single dashboard, WooCommerce Customer Service фт entire contact center at the palm of your hand. Well, with live chat, ticketing system and help center, you can do just that!

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions for WordPress. These days, WordPress powers around 28% of websites in the world, and WooCommerce is responsible for nearly one quarter of ecommerce stores. This is because of its flexibility and ease of use. You can design it to look and function like any other store, and things like custom products and attributes means you can create virtually any kind of shop you want. In addition, payment systems like PayPal and Stripe are fully supported, along with variable and tiered shipping costs, which makes it a versatile choice for merchants. And it offers many different WooCommerce customer service plugins.

WooCommerce Customer Service

The WooCommerce Customer Service makes it easy for you to provide top-notch customer service for your clients. Customer Support for WooCommerce is a feature-rich plugin by LabiDesk that empowers customers to get answers to any questions they may have regarding their order right on your website and receive automatic answers right from the help widget on your website. The WooCommerce Customer Service help desk with live chat widget, knowledge base and shared inbox is intuitive and easy to use, so the customer support feature doesn't add any unnecessary complexity to the frontend of your website, but rather adds a great value for your customers and even increases sales and repeat orders. The WooCommerce help desk plugin helps you improve conversions by keeping customers happy, as well as by collecting information that can be used for lead generation in the long run.

WooCommerce Customer Service help desk is the perfect solution for ensuring the success of your online store. It offers a range of simple usability features that provide your customers with the order information they need to help both new or returning clients with their inquiries.It offers your clients a form they can submit in the widget or help center page in order to see current products and services that they've ordered. Before, this information was available to you only through inside WordPress. Now, it's available right on the WooCommerce storefront and by far the help desk built for WooCommerce merchants. Your customers can click on live chat help widget and see order details pane, once entered they name, or order id or order email address customers can see all of the information about their order, whether it's digital products, services, goods or downloads, they will be able to track order details without even bothering a human customer support representative. And you on your side of WooCommerce Customer Service helpdesk dashboard can view all - leads. This means that you'll never have to worry about missing customer contact information, which saves you time and money.

LabiDesk Help Desk Plugin for WooCommerce

If you're in a customer-oriented industry, then chances are that your product or service has a built in reputation. If that's the case, then your customers are probably prone to trust you and your business. If they're already comfortable with you and trust you, then they'll feel more comfortable and less hesitant to contact you when they have questions or issues with their orders. Luckily, technology like WooCommerce Customer Service help desk has developed ways to make this process easier. Communicating with customers from your screen is now possible and you can easily access customer database, order records, and more. That way, you can engage with your customers the moment they ask for help and you can make sure their experience with you is ideal.

WooCommerce Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Plugin)

It is important to have good WooCommerce customer service when you're selling products. One of the best ways to do this is to use tracking features in a chat service when you're talking with your customers. You can show them what's in their cart, what they last ordered and any feature they have going on to help them. You can also offer them a time-based incentive to get them to make a purchase. You can also begin a conversation with them based on their cart details and anything that's going on with them. They'll appreciate your knowledge regarding the products in their cart and how to get them to make a purchase.

There are many features to LabiDesk Help Desk Plugin for WooCommerce, but the one we've been most excited about recently is the new On-site Order Status Check. As soon as a client contacts you, they're automatically offered to specify categories (Order Status Check, Order Shipment, Product Availability) that match with their inquiry or issue and they can check their order status without bothering you! That way it's very easy to see which customers have real issues, if they still insist on speaking to a representative. In your help desk dashboard you can see the most important inquiries based on the inquiry type, you can tag, auto assign and escalate inquiries to the appropriate departments or team members. LabiDesk WooCommerce Customer Service help desk lets you coordinate with your team in real time and reduce the time it takes to resolve issues. The best part is that the representatives already know all the information they need concerning customer inquiry, so the information you need is right in front of you. This reduces the time it takes to resolve issues and helps you to quickly coordinate with other clients in the queue.

WooCommerce Customer Service Shared Inbox

There's a ton of ways to stay in touch with your customers, but the easiest way to do it is by providing instant support over several different channels. While you can't be there to give your customers a hand at every moment, it's important to be there as much as possible! This can be done by giving your customers access to instant messaging, providing them with a company Facebook page or creating a support system that lets them quickly contact you. You want to create the kind of environment where customers won't hesitate to reach out if they have questions or are having problems with your product. All of these can be done by connecting all your customer communication and support channels at one place - LabiDesk WooCommerce Customer Service help desk.

The WooCommerce live chat and help desk module by LabiDesk is one of the best choices for your ecommerce business to delight your customers and to increase your sales!

WooCommerce Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Plugin)

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