Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

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If you're looking for an ideal way to interact with customers, consider live chat. It combines real-time interactions with the ability to provide immediate help to customers, making it an ideal online support tool to answer customer questions and inquiries. The live chat software also empowers you to limit customer support costs by reducing the number of calls and emails you receive. Are there any Free Live Chat Apps? Yes, there are many free and no-code live chat software solutions that you can use. Which is the best for you? Let's find out.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software allows users and customers to talk with customer support agents live in real time and helps resolve different issues, guide and sell without having to wait or leave a message.
If you're ready to start adding more tools to your website, then you should certainly check out adding free live chat software or paid live chat software solutions. Live chats are a great way to help customers as they're experiencing difficulty using your product or website, and it can boost sales by helping prospects who might be scared away by your pricing. While the idea is simple, the execution is a lot more difficult, and professionals can make sure you get the most out of your live chat and what it does for your business and customers.

Live chat software is becoming a big hit for many companies and small businesses. And there are plenty of Free Live Chat Software platforms and paid Live Chat Software solutions. It's a simple way to add a layer of customer service on top of your website. It's commonly used by sales and support teams to offer immediate service to customers. It's become so popular because it's a cheap and effective way to increase sales. There are many advantages of using live chat software and most companies and businesses use it because it's uncomplicated and offers benefits such as:

  • It saves you money as you can substitute phone support with live chat support;

  • Fosters transparency;

  • Improves customer experience & retention;

  • Automates sales;

  • Engages visitors & turns them into customers.

Free Live Chat Software

Are you looking to set up free live chat on your website? These days, online consumers expect companies to offer live chat support. However, setting up live chat support on your website can be expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars like in the example with Intercom Live Chat software! That's why we created this list of free live chat software solutions. It's the easiest thing you can do to start offering live chat support without investing thousands of dollars. If you're interested in adding a free live chat software you should consider these options: LabiDesk Live Chat, Tawk, JivoChat! Please check below for the full list of free live chat software platforms.

We can break Free Live Chat software types into at least two distinct categories:

1️⃣ Free Live Chat Software but with certain limits

With free live chat software, it's not uncommon to run into these pitfalls. In fact, we remember a time when we were shopping around for the perfect chat software back when we first started up our first outsourcing company and thought free would be a cost-effective way to get started. It seemed only right at the time, but what we didn't know was that it was bait. As you can see, it's just a gateway to get you onto the product and then trying to convince you that you simply must upgrade to their "full" product in order to access this or another feature which you find out later is not in the basic plan and you need it, as it is one of the basic and vital features or limitations. For example the most common one is limiting the number of seats or number of co current chats or hiding customer details in the chat, which is vital when assisting your customers. It’s just one of the upselling techniques.

2️⃣ Unlimited Free Live Chat Software but with basic features

Nowadays it's easy to find software featuring free unlimited live chat. The best thing about it – it's free. However, there is a catch: you get what you pay for. This can be either: 1. Very limited functionality and main features then it might be better to go with paid live chat software; 2. Poor functionality and features because live chat is not their main niche and it's rather a tool to generate leads and sell them other services (for example, Customer Support Outsourcing services).

There is a third option and we are going to show it to you.

Free Live Chat Software Features

✅ Easy Live Chat Installation

Embedding live chat software on your website should be simple and quick. The only problem with free live chat software and other solutions is that they tend to be hard to install and configure. Setting up your live chat script shouldn't be difficult. The problem with free live chat software is that you're not always able to install it on non-standard websites. The good thing is that most live chat chat software vendors make it possible to easily embed live chat on any website with any CMS (Content Management System).

✅ Live Chat Widget Customization

The reason is that there are many different kinds of customization settings that can be done in a live chat software widget. Most of the website owners want to have their live chat widget customized according to their website theme and product branding.

But let us explain to you first what live chat widgets are. Live chat software widgets are buttons or bubbles which are embedded on the website or web page to make it easier for users to contact the website owners or admins. In most of the cases, they are placed on the website's footer or sidebar. There are different settings for live chat software widget customization. Some live chat software vendors allow changing CSS of the free live chat widget and some only allow changing color, editing content and adding logo.

✅ Lead Capture

Live chat software has come a long way in the last couple of years. Its popularity is seeing it grow at an exponential rate - with some businesses reporting 30%+ conversion rates. Used correctly, live chat can help you to capture leads, build trust, and convince your website visitors that they have found the right service or product and they should buy from you.

Lead generation is the bread and butter of every business and they've been doing it for a very long time. These days, however, it's not enough to just go to a client's site, take down their details and hope they'll be ready to make a purchase. Technology has made lead generation much more effective, and one of the best ways to make lead generation more effective is through free live chat software.

✅ Live Chat for eCommerce (Online Shops)

Live chat widget is one of the most useful features most eCommerce websites use. It helps website owners and marketing professionals with the marketing and sales of their products and services.

Live chat software is a must for every e-commerce business nowadays, but there are not so many free live chat software solutions for e-commerce. But, you need to make sure that you are using the right software to make the most of it. It has to have all the features to make it work for your online shop. You need to make sure that you can easily integrate it with your e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magenta etc.

✅ Live Chat Software with Self Service Support

Live chat software is becoming more popular in the business world, but nothing replaces the experience of having a physical person available to help you when you need it. But what if you could come close? What if you could make your live chat software "smart" enough to provide immediate answers to your customers' most common questions?

Imagine if your customers could find help articles from the free live chat software widget. Just think of the friction this would remove from the customer journey and imagine the extra conversion that would come from it as you can reply to your customers on time and they can find what they are looking for, answers to their questions.

Top 8 Live Chat Software Platforms

LabiDesk Live Chat

Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Do you remember we talked about the third option/ category of Free Live Chat Software? LabiDesk Live Chat & Help Desk Software is that option. Where you pay one time fee and then get to use the software for as long as you want/need it. No catch here - just a haggle-free lifetime deal where you can get top tier Customer Support Software with all the features and future upgrades for one time fee.

LabiDesk is all-in-one helpdesk software with a handful of features and tools to assist, engage and sell to your customers.

Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Tawk is one of the most popular free live chat software.


Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

JivoChat is another quite popular free live chat software used by many websites around the world.

Hubspot Live Chat

Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Hubspot is a very popular software for sales, customer support and marketing. Hubspot offers a variety of tools for Free and Live Chat is one of them. If the Free Live Chat solution is not enough for you, you can always upgrade to Hubspot paid plans.

Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Respond offers a free live chat software plan, as well as paid plans.

FreeChat by Popupsmart

Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

FreeChat by Popupsmart is mostly a widget which can display various types of contact options in live chat-like widget and your customers can choose what channel they prefer to contact you (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.)


Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Crisp is a very popular Live Chat Software which can be compared to Intercom. And unlike Intercom, Crist offers a free live chat solution with certain limits.


Top 8 Free Live Chat Software Platforms in 2022

Another option for the free live chat software you can explore. It has both free and paid live chat solutions.

All in all, we hope our list of free live chat software solutions has been helpful in your search for the best live chat solution, and we wish you the best in your search. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your live chat customer support by choosing one of the best options for your website. So what are you waiting for? Get a live chat software today by visiting

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