5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

Top Zendesk Alternatives you should consider for stellar customer service. Check out this list ??

It is certain that you are having some kind of issues with Zendesk. Your time is of the utmost importance. Searching for Zendesk alternatives can be really bothersome. And now you are searching for some zendesk alternatives. You know that there are some other customer service software that is available online. But you are not able to find the best Zendesk alternative for your business. You are not able to find anything that can be able to help decide which Zendesk alternative for customer service is the best. You are very disturbed about this. You are having some kind of issues with the current helpdesk software which you don't want to experience with the new one. And now you are searching for some other customer service software.

Does any of this sound like you? ???

Help desks are a pivotal part of growing a business. Many of the most successful businesses employ help desk software to help their customers and employees. Some of the most used help desk software is Zendesk and it is very popular. It has a good reputation and is used by some of the biggest names in business. Zendesk software is a very useful and smart customer service software. The tool has gained a lot of popularity because of the features and services it provides to the customers and the sellers. It is a comprehensive and well-organized customer service tool and there are many things that make Zendesk stand out from other similar software.

What is a help desk software?

A help desk is a software system that allows companies to provide technical support to their customers. Companies can use the help desk to field help requests via phone, email or web-based forms. The help desk software can automatically route questions to the correct employees and can be used to organize and store information about past customer inquiries. Some help desk software enables users to create automated responses to commonly asked questions or to display frequently updated information.

Zendesk is one of the leading customer service software to be honest with you. Founded in 2007, Zendesk is used by companies across the world including Facebook, PayPal, and Spotify. Zendesk knows that it's the little things that make the biggest difference. From the customer perspective, it's about how they are treated, what they see, and how they are engaged. And it's about quality assurance, the support experience, the ability to scale. However, as they grow they tend to forget and neglect these basic principles of customer success. Zendesk might be the industry standard, but there are plenty of other companies offering similar products and with awesome customer care.

So why should you search for Zendesk alternatives?

The reasons being the high cost, the heavy weight of the software and other glitches. These are some of the major reasons why people are looking for zendesk alternatives. If you are one of the people looking for the help desk software then you should be aware of the fact that there are lots of options available for you to choose from. But you need to make sure that the software will be a great fit to your business workflow.

Nowadays, customer support is one of the most important aspects for companies. It could be even more important than the main product because the product basically depends on it. It is very important for the company to gather feedback, make follow ups or find out what was wrong with the purchased product. The ideal customer support should be available to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But it could also be too much for one company. Therefore, they need to look for reliable software that could help them out with that. It is important to stress that after subscribing to a customer support software you shouldn't rely only on the tutorial guide. The best customer support software should always be ready to provide you with all the answers to your questions and offer an onboarding tour.

We highlighted for you four main reasons, based on customer feedback, why you should search for Zendesk alternatives. Zendesk is:

? Overpriced

? UX and UI is out of date

? Setup is not easy

? Sophisticated features

? Support resolution takes forever ?

These are just a few of the issues and concerns that worried businesses when they are using Zendesk. With the ever-rising number of companies switching to Zendesk, businesses are beginning to have more complaints about this customer support software. It's not uncommon for businesses to have problems with Zendesk. Issues range from server crashes, bugs, freezing, slow response times, to the inability to manage the system. When businesses are dealing with customers, they expect that the software they use will help them save time, do their work easier, and provide assistance that makes their customers happy. This is why businesses need to consider switching to a better customer support solution and this is why businesses look for alternatives.

And are there any Zendesk alternatives that are worth mentioning?

Zendesk is a popular customer service software that works seamlessly with all devices. However, this is not the only customer service software service provider available. There are various ways to improve your business operations with the great zendesk alternatives software.According to many online business owners, Zendesk's user interface is complex and difficult to use. Zendesk has a steep learning curve and is not for everyone. Because of this, we've decided to compile a list of top Zendesk alternatives that may help you with improving your business and cutting costs.

LabiDesk Zendesk Alternative

5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

There is a newer help desk option available and it might be the right choice for your business: LabiDesk is one of the best Zendesk Alternatives. LabiDesk is a help desk and customer support service and it's gaining popularity fast. It has a lot of great features that Zendesk doesn't have and is a viable option that might be a better choice for your business.

5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

The Labidesk customer service software is a Zendesk alternative and service desk software that combines support and sales in one easy-to-use package. The Labidesk customer service software is designed for businesses looking for a Zendesk alternative and offers the highest level of customization.

5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

The Labidesk customer service solution is designed to take support and sales to the next level. With Labidesk, you can take full control of your customer relationships and empower your agents to deliver better customer care and improve sales performance.

5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

Top Features:

✅ eCommerce Friendly

✅ Unlimited Agents

✅ Unlimited Tracked Users

✅ Mini CRM

✅ Help Center

✅ Knowledge Base

✅ Canned Responses

✅ SLA Policies

✅ LabiDesk is a part of LabiOffice Suite and comes with other great software for your business.

Would be best for: Businesses that rely on customers, to be able to communicate effectively without wasting time and money, such as multi-channel ecommerce owners, SaaS companies that want to ensure their sales and marketing strategies are in line with feedback from their customers, for small and medium business owners and startups attempting to take customer service seriously.

? Free Version: Yes

Pricing: LabiDesk help desk software offers a variety of plans for teams of all types and sizes which comes with unlimited agents. Pricing starts from $79 per month. And currently they are offering a pay once and enjoy LabiDesk customer service software forever.


5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

Freshdesk is another popular alternative to Zendesk that enables users to provide hassle-free support with an intuitive interface. If you're looking for a tool that allows for easy communication with your customers, Freshdesk is a great tool. It has plenty of awesome features that allow your business to thrive. Some of the unique features include an automated email responder, social media tracking, real-time analytics and reporting and a mobile app.

Freshdesk can integrate with a number of third party apps, allowing it to collect data from a variety of sources and additional customer support systems. It's a great tool that can help businesses thrive!

However, Freshdesk is pretty much the same as Zendesk and if you don't like Zendesk for whatever reason, you probably won't enjoy using Freshdesk. Even though it has many great and solid features, it is still pricey like its main competitor and has all the other cons that we already covered earlier in this article.

Top Features:

✔️Real-time reporting

✔️ Live Chat

✔️ Emails

✔️ Mobile App

✔️ Various integrations

Would be best for: For well established businesses who have a dedicated support team with team lead who will help train how to use the software and engineers who will help set it up and tune it up for your company's workflow.

? Free Version: Yes

Pricing: Regular pricing starts from $15 per agent and for omnichannel support from $29 per agent. There is a free trial and free plan but it is very limited. Overall prices are expensive just like with Zendesk.


There has been a boom of new technologies in the past decade, including new kinds of customer support software. In response to this, Kayako was founded as a cloud-based customer support software platform. They have a very successful history and have been selected by many different companies around the world.

They also have a wide range of features, such as live chat and social media integration, which is a boon for customer service. Their software can be used on multiple platforms, however unlike LabiDesk alternative to Zendesk, Kayako is also charging per user, per agent and it means that as you scale, the budget to sustain your support on this software may be high.

Top Features:

✔️ Workflow automations

✔️ Multiple brands, multiple languages

✔️ Slack Integrations

✔️ Zapier Integrations

✔️ Help Center

Would be best for: Kayako resembles Zendesk in a lot of ways, especially the admin interface. It would be good for small and medium size companies, as well as enterprise but only if you have time and resources to learn how to use it. It’s not a plug and play solution!

? Free Version: Free Trial

Pricing: Prices begin at $15 per agent and go as high as $60 per agent, with the average plan being $30 per agent. Which means if you have a team of 10, it would cost you $300 per month, which is not very affordable.

Zoho Desk

5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

Zoho Desk is a customer management tool. Zoho Desk has the power to improve productivity and cut costs by enabling clients and staff members alike to use self-service options via desk voip and help desk portals for example, while simultaneously helping businesses manage customer satisfaction and employee performance.

Overall, Zoho is a good alternative to Zendesk. Both programs can streamline communication efforts and help with customer service. Zoho is a bit cheaper than Zendesk, with most of Zoho's packages getting you most of Zendesk's features. Unlike Zendesk, Zoho has more than just the basic communication and ticketing options. It also has CRM and Project Management tools, with most of the features being on par with their competition. Zoho is a good option if you have under 500 clients. If you have more than 500 clients, we would recommend LabiDesk.

Top Features:

✔️ Omnichannel customer service

✔️ Process automatization

✔️ Customization

✔️ Self Service

✔️ Analytics

Would be best for: If you don’t have a big stream of incoming inquiries and just need a backup in case someone contacts you through your website, Zoho would be a good starting point.

? Free Version: Free

Pricing: Pricing is very reasonable. You can have free access with up to 3 agents but with a very limited functionality. Features that are essential for customer support begin with $14 per agent and go up to $40 per agent.


5 Best Zendesk Alternatives for Outstanding Customer Service

Happyfox is a simple but effective help desk software designed to make your company's customer support a breeze. With a drag and drop interface, it offers a variety of features to best fit your business needs. This includes a live chat function, a knowledge base, a ticket system, and much more.

​​Happyfox help desk software acts as a support hub for your business and is considered to be one of the top Zendesk alternatives. It allows you to keep track of and manage all the requests and issues your customers might have and makes sure you can keep up with them and offer fast and effective support.

Top Features:

✔️ Facebook and Twitter

✔️ Knowledge Base

✔️ Assignment rules

✔️ Live Chat

✔️ Insights

Would be best for: For small and larger teams, their customer service cloud software is one of the oldest on the market. However, it is not the best. But generally it is a good alternative to Zendesk.

? Free Version: Free Trial

As much as you don't want it to happen, you're bound to get stuck with a help desk software that just doesn't work for you. That's why it's important to research the market and find what's best for your business. Read reviews, comparisons, and take into consideration the business needs. It's important to consider the long-term, not just short term. The long term is what really matters.

This is why there are so many people talking about LabiDesk for IT support. This is because it's proven to increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs. It is the same old school help desk software that you're used to, but revived with a top notch technological approach to bring you the best experience.

The modern workplace is much more than cubicles and coffee machines - it's a highly competitive arena in which customer service, efficiency and (of course) availability are the ultimate deciders. With LabiDesk, you can do it all: all of your customer support issues will be handled, all of your non-pressing questions about your business will be answered and all of your emails will be answered immediately. Zendesk alternative LabiDesk is truly the most efficient, helpful and available way to ensure that your business is successful.

In today's fast-paced world, people expect a lot from businesses. In the world of customer support, the bar is even higher. Many customers expect constant, high-quality support that gives them a feeling of security. And that's what LabiDesk does for you. No matter how big or small your business is, no matter what product or service you offer, you need strong support to keep your customers happy and your business going strong. That's why we created LabiDesk. To bring the best help desk software to your business, so you can have a higher conversion rate, a better reputation and a more loyal customer base.

What is customer support?

Customer support is the assistance provided to customers. It is often done over the phone or online, via e-mail or through social media. It is necessary for any business, regardless of size, industry, or type of product to have a strong support network. Not only is it important, but it is also mandatory for any business to have great customer support.
Essentially, customer service is the act of assisting the customers. The task of the agent is to put the customer first and solve their problem, regardless of how big or small. The agent needs to go above and beyond the expectations of the customer at all times.

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