Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

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Many call center and service business owners believe they can’t afford professional ticketing software. They assume they’ll need to spend thousands to get a ticketing system up and running. Then they find themselves looking at software that costs $300 or more per month and they figure it’s just not worth it. But all that’s changed. Now there’s a free ticketing software option that gives you all the tools, functionality, and support you need, without the high monthly cost that you’d pay for similar ticketing software.

Company social media accounts often times face problems with engagement and email marketing automation. This is where helpdesk software with a ticketing system comes in to save the day! Free helpdesk software ticketing system can be a very effective solution when it comes to achieving your business objectives, whether it’s to make more sales, increase customer satisfaction or provide better communication between your company and your customers. It helps to bring your team together by adding a level of transparency and communication that’s often missing in other business support systems. If your employees are able to work together more effectively, they will be able to create amazing support experiences for your customers!

While you could simply choose a help desk ticketing system and integrate it directly into your existing workflow, doing this will likely cause you to have other issues. Instead, it's important to make sure that you have a proper system in place that also allows you to track progress and easily communicate with your customers. This can be done by selecting a free help desk software that offers detailed reporting. If you choose the right software, it will make sure that you have a great system in place to keep track of your tickets and streamline your workflow!

What is Free HelpDesk Software?

Free helpdesk software is essential to businesses that are offering customer service. While there are a number of options available, helpdesk software is a useful solution that can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and a number of features that can help you provide better customer service.

When your business is growing and you have many customers, it's important to have the right free helpdesk software support system to meet everyone's needs. The right free helpdesk software helps streamline the process to make it possible to keep growing! A free helpdesk software allows you to provide support to customers by tracking the requests that you receive through tickets, or documents that are submitted through the system. This enables the agents to respond efficiently and keep track of the requests that they receive. It's important to choose a free helpdesk software that allows you to categorize tickets so you can easily see what kind of support your customers need. It should also allow you to have the ability to send information to your customers. This way, you can easily organize information by department. Free helpdesk software should also offer live chat software to communicate with customers live on your website. And free helpdesk software should have a customer portal with knowledge base to offer your customers 24/7 self service customer support, where they can search your help center for answers and guides.

What is HelpDesk Ticketing System?

A free helpdesk ticketing system is a support system that has been designed to help agents and customers better track engagement, plan responses, and drive key business results. If you want to minimize customer support costs and maximize productivity of agents, there is no better tool than a free helpdesk ticketing system. Whether you are answering tickets for customer service, monitoring your IT help desk, or providing feedback to clients, free helpdesk ticketing systems provide the support system you need to offer great service as you scale your business. Through workflows, automation, ticket categorization, and routing, ticketing systems enable your agents to more efficiently track, respond to, and resolve custom requests for support.

Free HelpDesk Software Ticketing System Features

Your help desk agents are the most important members of your team. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to prove that your company is incredible. The customer expects great service, and your agents are the ones responsible for delivering it. That's a lot of pressure on your help desk team! Managers, make sure you're educating your team on the best ways to handle customer requests. You should also make sure your agents have access to the best tools to speed up their work and make sure they hear about any new opportunities that could make their work easier. Whether it's a new reporting tool or a helpdesk software solution to track and escalate issues, your agents should take advantage of it.

✅ Workflow organization

It's not easy for help desk agents to keep everything afloat. Not only are they checking and answering customer requests, but they're also analyzing metrics and distinguishing the most important issue statuses for their organization. Furthermore, they're delivering a fast and responsive customer experience and mitigating risk by handling and analyzing workflow of previously answered tickets. In order to do this, they need a service that not only gives them the support they need but also helps them to automate their daily tasks. With a tool like free helpdesk software with a ticketing system in place, they're able to get their responsibilities done in a matter of seconds.

✅ Omnichannel support

It is important for any help desk to centralize communication from customers and between agents because multiple communication channels increases the chance of a customer getting lost. You want to make sure that your agents can see all the information from customers and that it is easy to respond to their needs. The best help desk systems are all-in-one solutions that can provide agents with unified customer management and help desk software. That way all the information is in one place and the agents can respond to all issues quickly and efficiently via live chat, and various social media channels like: Facebook Messenger, Twitter Comments & Direct Messages, Instagram Comments and Direct Messages.

Centralizing communication from customers and between agents is the key to providing high-quality customer service that can scale with your business. That's why it's important to choose a free help desk ticketing system that allows you to integrate customer communications from all your service channels—whether it's live chat, social media, email, or your company's customer portal.

✅ Customer Portal with Knowledge Base

Your agents are busy and can't—nor should they—answer every similar and repetitive question your customers ever have. But whether your business is large or small, it can benefit from a self-service knowledge base. A self-service knowledge base, or knowledge base portal, provides customers with a convenient place to quickly find answers to problems and information about your business. A good and free helpdesk ticketing system lets your business build a manageable self-service knowledge base. With the free helpdesk ticketing system and knowledge base, you can enable your business's customers to submit questions, and your agents can use the tool to search for the answers and then provide answers or solutions. The customer portal can also be self-service, which means your customers can access it whenever they need to, whether through the website or on a mobile device.

✅ Integrations

Seamless integration between your free helpdesk software and other tools is the key. When you're implementing a new ticketing system for your customer service team, make sure you're choosing a platform that is easy to integrate with your existing support ecosystem and other tools your team is using. This way, your customer service agents can get the information they need to help your customers and fix problems. When your ticketing system connects to your free helpdesk software and other third-party tools seamlessly, it allows your team to provide the best service possible!

✅ Scalable HelpDesk Software & Ticketing System

This is why it's so important for you to make sure that your customer service software can adapt to your growing business needs. If you don't, you could lose customers or even see an overall decrease in revenue. But luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening. By using a flexible and scalable free helpdesk software customer service solution, you'll have the flexibility to not only help your customers succeed, but also grow and thrive along with your business.

✅ Mobile & Desktop Apps

Having free support software saves your company money because the software is free of charge. The software also brings in more money because customers will be happier with your product. But not all free helpdesk software offers mobile and desktop apps which is so important in the modern world! It's the ultimate convenience for the modern businessperson. While you're on the road, you can take a minute to check your tickets and see what needs to be fixed or updated. You can send your employees messages to see how they are doing, or to remind them to work on a certain ticket or reply to a certain chat. You can check in on your customers to make sure they're happy with your service and you'll never have to worry about being out of the loop.

Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems


Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

LabiDesk is one of the best free helpdesk software and ticketing systems. With LabiDesk you can easily manage customer support, sales inquiries and issues without any fuss. It has many features like Live Chat Software, Ticketing Management Software, Help Desk Software and knowledge base software. You can get all the benefits of these tools in one package.

LabiDesk takes customer service to the next level with its Helpdesk Software. One of the most necessary features of support desk software is the help ticketing system which is where all the customer requests are stored. Once a ticket is created, it is categorized according to the urgency and priority of the customer. The ticket is also assigned to the right agent who will respond to the customer by either solving the problem or at least offering an explanation through the helpdesk ticketing software. It is crucial for businesses to have an efficient way to manage the customer requests and thus, LabiDesk has made it easier for businesses to have a proper customer service system with their helpdesk software.


Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

osTickets is an open source free helpdesk software ticketing system.


Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

Hesk is another open source and free helpdesk software solution.


Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

UVDesk offers a variety of premium features and yet you can get it as open source and free helpdesk software.


Top 5 Free HelpDesk Software & Ticketing Systems in 2022

Faveo offers both paid version and self hosted free helpdesk software which you can download and use for free.

A helpdesk is a place where users can go to when they have issues with a product and the company can provide them with support. When a user is using a helpdesk, they usually have a ticket number that identifies their problem and the support team can give them the correct information based on the ticket number. When choosing a helpdesk software, it's important to look at the user and admin experiences, security, and cost.

There are a lot being offered these days. It is hard to pick out the good ones from the bad. Luckily for you we have done the legwork and have found the 6 best free helpdesk software and ticketing systems that you can try out now. Technically, you don't have to pay anything to use them. So, they are completely free! If you do decide to use one of them, we would love to hear about your experience with them.

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