BigCommerce Customer Service (Live Chat & Help Desk Apps)

Live Chat & Help Desk App for BigCommerce. Check it out?

There are many ecommerce solutions out there. But which one should you choose? It's important to choose the right ecommerce solution for your business. If you have a large or fast-growing business, BigCommerce is the best. It has an incredible breadth of built-in tools and functionality to accommodate your online store as you scale your business. BigCommerce has everything you need to create, manage, and grow your ecommerce business and with BigCommerce Apps marketplace you can easily integrate to your online shop various apps, for example one of the most important is live chat and help desk for BigCommerce Customer Service.

You need to keep in touch with your customers and conduct regular customer surveys to know about their expectations and the issues which are bothering them. This will help you solve those issues and thus maintain a good rapport with your customers. You should take appropriate steps to solve the queries of your customers such as using a call center to deal with customer calls, emailing them on time to solve their queries, and using different research methods to know the queries of your customers, etc. This will help you communicate with your customers and maintain a good rapport with them. But how to achieve that? What BigCommerce Customer Service Help Desk app to use? What BigCommerce Customer Service Live Chat app to integrate with?

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an online store builder that allows you to do everything yourself, including add products, upload photos, process orders, create pages, create discount coupons, and more. BigCommerce is an online shopping cart that offers one-click install, hosting, and BigCommerce customer service tools. It includes mobile-optimized checkout and automatically syncs with your social media channels via BigCommerce help desk and customer service apps. BigCommerce's order management system is integrated with a full suite of third-party shipping and fulfillment services to support international shipping and address location. The order management system also includes BigCommerce customer service automation to manage orders, including tracking and customer service ticketing.

​​BigCommerce is an integrated ecommerce platform for businesses of every size and volume. It allows you to have an online store and sell to customers in every country in the world. Better yet, it lets you use it to choose how you want to accept payments! You can accept payments through major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Or, if you want you can use many other payment gateways. It's so easy to use, allowing you to quickly set up your store with your pre-existing domain name, and you can customize it to your liking.

BigCommerce Customer Service

There are a few things that make a helpdesk support system the backbone of eCommerce business. Firstly, it keeps online shoppers up-to-date about the latest happenings in a business. This saves time for busy managers and merchants. Secondly, it keeps track of every customer's query and their response to it. This helps in analyzing customer data which is a vital element in eCommerce business development. Thirdly, BigCommerce Customer Service helpdesk app offers a single channel for communication with customers. This is so because of a centralized system which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Last but not the least, it helps the customer in various ways. It can help the customers with online shopping, order tracking and cancellation, guide them to find a product they wish to buy, provide technical help and more.

Having a BigCommerce Customer Service helpdesk app will allow you to provide a consolidated platform for your customer queries to get resolved in a quicker and more transparent manner. If a customer is not satisfied with the response, you can keep tab of their queries and import those issues to a CRM, create a ticket and assign the resolution to a particular employee. If a ticket is assigned to a particular employee and they cannot resolve it in the due time, you can set the ticket to another employee. By doing this, you can easily track the progress of a ticket and keep your customer happy with instant resolution.

Live Chat App for BigCommerce

BigCommerce marketplace enables you to use BigCommerce compatible Live Chat Apps for any BigCommerce store, regardless of plan level to have the best BigCommerce Customer Service. Live Chat allows you to connect with your site visitors via an instant messaging interface. You can use it to ask questions, answer inquiries, and create meaningful connections with your potential and existing customers. Live Chat also has a very low-footprint, so it won't bother your potential customers at all! You can easily configure Live Chat by choosing which chat widget you'd like to use, whether you'd like to have a single or multiple chat agents, and even which pages you'd like them to chat on. You can also configure a welcome message and set a schedule to Live Chat's availability. There are many Live Chat Apps for BigCommerce online stores.

LabiDesk Help Desk & Live Chat for BigCommerce

Check and use a third-party chat software for your BigCommerce store like LabiDesk. LabiDesk Live Chat for BigCommerce is a perfect solution for the modern shop owner who wants to streamline the customer service process for their online shoppers. With LabiDesk Live Chat App for BigCommerce, your customers can log into your chat and enter a direct message. As soon as you see the message, you can start interacting with your customer. It's great because you'll be able to answer your customers immediately. BigCommerce Customer Service made easy with LabiDesk.

Installing LabiDesk Live Chat into your BigCommerce store is quick and easy. Just take a few minutes, and you’ll see a live chat widget on your online store. Your customers can start reporting their problems directly to you without using external communication channels like email. With LabiDesk Live Chat app for BigCommerce, you can create automated replies which will guarantee better customer service and increase sales conversion rates. You’ll also be able to monitor the progress of any chat conversation that went well. LabiDesk platform for BigCommerce Customer Service has proven itself to be the best live chat software for e-commerce stores and the best helpdesk software for e-commerce stores. By watching customer behavior, it enables you to tailor your online store’s services to customer expectations and demands. Engage & Sell more with LabiDesk BigCommerce Customer Service helpdesk app.

There are just so many reasons why live chat software and a help desk software are a must have for BigCommerce ecommerce stores. Some of these reasons include: the ability to answer questions about your products and services and receive feedback in real time, the ability to receive and resolve customer issues quickly, and the ability to track the customer experience from start to finish. We hope this blog post has helped you realize how a live chat software and a help desk software can benefit your BigCommerce ecommerce store for BigCommerce Customer Service. If you have any questions or need any assistance with a live chat software or help desk software for BigCommerce Customer Service, please contact us anytime. We are always happy to help!

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